10 skin crossovers we want to see in Overwatch 2 next

10 skin crossovers we want to see in Overwatch 2 next

Overwatch 2 is much more open to incorporating collaborations with other franchises than the original game was. These crossovers can bring a little more fun to the game, especially for anyone who enjoys both properties. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to representing characters from other series in Overwatch 2, but there are some we would rather see over others. Here are the skin collaborations we want to see for certain heroes in Overwatch 2.

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Crossover skins we want to see in Overwatch 2

For the below crossover skins, we are thinking of cosmetic-only changes for the characters available. We don’t want to put the other franchises in Overwatch 2. We want the heroes to dress up like those characters.

Autobot Stronghold

Screenshot via Gamepur

We start our list off with Bastion getting a transformers skin. Honestly, this could work with any of the Autobots or Decepticons, but we think Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are the two most popular and likely choices. Bastion is a nightmare for lower-ranked players when he transforms into his turret form, and his Ultimate has him becoming an artillery-firing gun. Sure, this doesn’t quite fit with the vehicles that the two stars of Transformers turn into, but it would be a nice cosmetic change.

Brotherhood of Steel Reinhardt

Image via Bethesda

The Brotherhood of Steel is an aggressive, militaristic group that hates abominations and wears big power armor wherever seen in the Fallout franchise. Of course, we could just have standard power armor for Reinhardt in Overwatch 2, but we like the idea of ​​this Tank being a part of a bigger group rather than a lone wanderer. They could distort his voice to make it sound like he was talking through the mechanized armor and turn his shield into the neon nuclear green color you would see on your Pip-Boy. If Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard, we could see this Bethesda collaboration being pushed through.

Cyclops Soldier: 76

Image via Marvel

When you think of Soldier: 76, you are likely drawn to his Tactical Visor that he uses for his Ultimate. While his visor is used much differently from Cyclops’ in the X-Men franchise, we would love to see a crossover with the Marvel universe. When considering iterations of the character we would like to see represented, Soldier dressed up in the 90’s cartoon suit would be a sight to behold. Additionally, a Beast skin for Winston would work as well.

Doomslayer Reaper

Screenshot by Gamepur

Reaper does not have the same kind of arsenal as the Doomslayer does from the Doom games. We think it would be pretty impossible to balance the BFG in Overwatch, but a Doom Guy skin for Reaper could make a lot of sense. Put the green armor and helmet on him and swap out his normal guns for a couple of Super Shotguns, and you have a gaming crossover that many long-time shooter fans can get behind.

donkey kong winston

Picture via Nintendo

This is one of the very long stretches we have made on this list. While Overwatch 2 is available on Nintendo Switch, we highly doubt they would be okay with one of their franchise icons being put in a shooter game. That being said, Mario has guns in the Rabbids games, so we could see them getting over it. Give him a tie, color him brown, and turn his jump packs into barrels to truly get the DK representation in there. We don’t think the Donkey Kong 64 Coconut Gun would work as a swap since we are trying to keep Winston the same character, but the gun could be made of wood similarly.

Flash Tracer

Screenshot via PlayStation’s YouTube channel

Flash from the DC universe is a speedster, and the only character in Overwatch 2 that really fits that description is Tracer. Sure, their methods of speed are different, but Tracer could definitely don the red and yellow suit and make it look great. Put a lightning bolt logo on his Chronal Accelerator, and whenever she blinks, have her leave behind a little trail of lightning. It would be a perfect fit.

Hamtaro Wrecking Ball

Image via TMS Kyokuichi Corp.

One of the more unexpected and silly crossovers we would love to see is the classic manga and anime star Hamtaro being represented for Wrecking Ball. The fur on Hammond would need to be adjusted to match the character, and his rolling mech could be turned into a transparent hamster ball. We would also love to see his normal voice lines swapped out for the usual “Ham-ha” style language that the characters use in the series.

Han Solo Cassidy

Image via LucasFilm

In our opinion, there are not many Star Wars characters that would translate well into Overwatch. One of the exceptions to that would be Cassidy dressing up as Han Solo, though. Swap out his regular revolver for a blaster (with accompanying sound effects) and give him the iconic hairdo and vest from the movies for a great crossover skin. Winston could also dress up as Chewbacca to make sure the duo is represented.

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Leatherface Roadhog

Image via Behavior Interactive

We highly doubt that Overwatch 2 will ever incorporate true horror elements into the game, but if they were to bring over any scary movie killer, we think Roadhog dressing up as Leatherface from Texas Chain Saw Massacre makes the most sense. He already wears a leather mask that could be replaced with, well, you know, and his hook could be covered in blood and make the character he is grabbing scream out in fear when he lands it. Again, this will almost surely never happen, but the idea is there.

Vegeta Baptist

Image via Funimation

If another anime crossover makes its way into Overwatch 2, we would love to see Dragon Ball Z represented. From a stylistic point of view, Baptiste would be a perfect candidate to dress up as Vegeta in his Saiyan armor from his early appearances. The scouter is already there, plus just put him in the blue armor and give him a weapon that looks like any of the Frieza Force could have held it.

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