2B & 9S Become Catgirl a Catboy in Nier: Automata Collaboration With Tokyo Theme Park

2B & 9S Become Catgirl a Catboy in Nier: Automata Collaboration With Tokyo Theme Park

Today Bandai Namco’s theme park NamjaTown announced a new collaboration with the NieR: Automata franchise, and it’s a really cute one.

One of the themes of NamjaTown is cats, and the collaboration fits that theme, turning popular heroes 2B and 9S into catgirl and catboy forms

The art of the collaboration paints them in black and white outfits and with or without their visors, as you can see below and in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

NieR Automata NamjaTown collaboration

If you’re unfamiliar with NamjaTown is an indoor theme park operated by Bandai Namco in the Sunshine City amusement mall in Ikebukuro district, Tokyo. The collaboration will be active between Friday, August 11, and Sunday, September 24, and since I’ll be in town before it ends for Tokyo Game Show, you can bet I’m going.

Among the attractions are two9 different minigames and a stamp rally that let you win tapestries, keychains, clear files, and character stands. There is also a themed menu at the cafe with food and desserts, lattes, and cookies, with its own themed merchandise including coasters and keychains.

This is all quite appropriate to celebrate the return of the NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a anime and the announcement of the second cour.

You can see everything in the gallery below.

NieR: Automata is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Back in April, we heard that it has sold 7.5 million copies worldwide across all platforms, which is certainly flattering. While we don’t have specific information for now, its developers seem rather confident that another Deny game will be coming at some point.

This is not the first collaboration sparked by the popularity of the anime, which has brought the game and its characters back under the spotlight in Japan. Recently, we saw one with the convenience store chain Lawson, one with a chain of public baths, and the pop-up shops at the Loft department stores.


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