A dangerous Rainbow Road and Fire Donkey Kong take center stage in the final Super Mario Bros. movie trailer

Donkey Kong using a Fire Flower in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Nintendo released the final trailer for The Super Mario Bros. movie, which includes a new fire power-up for Donkey Kong and a more dangerous version of the Rainbow Road, where Mario must survive an onslaught of green shells and Bullet Bills. The trailer also featured even more subtle references to the video games that casual Nintendo fans would likely miss.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s final trailer was revealed during a Nintendo Direct, which is now available to watch on the Universal Pictures YouTube channel, giving fans their last glimpse at the film before it hits theaters. The trailer ends with The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s new release date, as it was pushed back a few days and will now hit theaters on April 5.

This trailer showed a lot of new content, including the appearance of a Luma from Super Mario Galaxy and Donkey Kong using a Fire Flower as a power-up and blasting enemies, which was only done in the Super Smash Bros. series. There was also a closer look at the Rainbow Road, which will appear during a Mario Kart-themed segment in the movie. At the end of the trailer, the directors discussed the challenges of bringing the Rainbow Road to life, making it look as good as possible, and designing new karts that fit in with the classic Mario Kart vehicle designs of the past.

It’s fitting that the final trailer for The Super Mario Bros. movie was held on Mario Day, as it offered one of the best looks at the film yet, with tons of jokes and references for longtime fans of the franchise, such as Mario dropping down the track being a possible nod to the infamous Rainbow Road stage skip in Mario Kart 64. This trailer might finally have washed away the bad taste of Chris Pratt voicing Mario and will get everyone excited for the film’s future release.

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