A Horror Pic Stephen King “Wishes” He Wrote Nabs Top 10 Spots Across 24 Countries on Streaming

Stephen King wishes he wrote this horror movie


Push it to the limit!

They don’t call him the King of Horror for nothing. Yes, a recently released horror flick that the beloved, best-selling American author “wishes” he wrote is wreaking havoc on streaming charts right now. The pic in question? 2022’s survival thriller Fall, which has managed to breach the Top 10 charts across 24 countries around the globe – including the UK, the US, India, and Mexico – per FlixPatrol.

Taking to Twitter late last year, King had this to say about the eerie thriller:

Produced, written and directed by British helmsman Scott Mann, Fall centers on a couple of close friends (portrayed by Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner) who attempt to climb an abandoned 2,000 foot radio tower for shits and giggles bloodshed. It’s a tight and lithe story that quickly transitions from a fun-packed adventure into a desperate battle for survival.

Over on Rotten Tomatoes, Fall boasts a 79 percent critical score and a 79 percent audience score, which is kind of spooky; it’s rare for both critics and regular Joes to see eye to eye on movies these days, huh? Still, those kind of numbers bode well for anyone tempted to jump in and witness the terror of Fall.z

Box office-wise, Fall was a hit, raking in a respectable $21.8 million haul off a $3 million budget. What makes those numbers extra impressive is that the film only received a pretty limited theater release, and was launched digitally just one month after its theatrical debut.

Depending on your region, Fall is currently streaming on a number of different streaming platforms: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Rakuten, iTunes and Google. If you’re hankering for a solid thriller to while away the hours, it’s fair to say that Fall is a suitable pick. But don’t just take our word for it, as the King himself approves. What’re you waiting for?

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