A Loporrit has taken over the FFXIV Twitter, and fans are loving it

A Loporrit has taken over the FFXIV Twitter, and fans are loving it

If you check out the FFXIV Twitter today, you might notice a furry new friend is running the show. That’s because the Loporrit Tweetingway has once again taken over the FFXIV account and has been tweeting about his misadventures for the last few hours, with fans and players thrilled to see him back. The account teased the return of everyone’s favorite rabbit yesterday, and today has seen Tweetingway back in the spotlight.

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He announced his return and asked how fans had been since he was last in charge and has since asked for help choosing his lunch — which ended up being cheesecake — and shown off his adventurer plate, and now is panicked about being asked to DJ for his loporrits friends on the moon. It sounds ridiculous if you haven’t played the game, but trust us, this is standard Loporrit behavior. Players have been happy to see Tweetingway return and have been quick to express their joy on Reddit and Twitter, asking how he has been and offering help and advice on his misadventures.

The last time Tweetingway was in charge, back in June 2022, he spent his day engaging with users and asking what their Loporrit name would be and for advice on using Twitter, as well as retweeting fanart of him. He also shared details on the then newly released patch 6.15 update, proving he can be helpful and fun. He will likely be in charge for the rest of today and will be sharing patch notes and other information about the upcoming patch 6.35 update tomorrow.

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Aside from the obvious humor of it all, it’s a nice change to see a company have a bit of fun with social media and make it a more positive experience for once, and fans shouldn’t be surprised if they see him again in the future .

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