A surprise TV adaptation of Vampire Survivors has been announced

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Considering the meteoric success of vampire survivors, it would only make sense for developer Luca Galante, or poncle, to capitalize on that success with some kind of follow-up. Interestingly, though, Galante told Gamespot that a direct sequel would likely not happen, instead opting to build further upon the base experience with updates as per usual. More recently, however, Galante did announce that vampire survivors will receive, of all things, an animated TV series. He has partnered up with Story Kitchen, a studio recently formed by individuals who worked on John Wick and the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, to produce the show.

Since the series remains in the early stages of production, we do not know any details about what we can expect from it. Galante and Story Kitchen are still in the process of finding a writer for the show, so we likely won’t know anything for a while. They plan to shop the series to network buyers of TV animation.

What did the creators say about the project?

Galante understandably expressed excitement over the fact that his initially small indie project grew popular enough to spawn a TV adaptation. He expressed the same sentiment in regard to working with the studio members at Story Kitchen, calling them “experienced and talented people.” He also labeled the story of vampire survivors as its most important aspect, which is definitely the truest statement he’s ever said.

Both Dmitri M. Johnson and Dan Jevons of Story Kitchen also spoke highly of their opportunity to create the vampire survivors TV-show. They both commented on the addictive nature of Vampire Survivors’ gameplay, with Jevons saying that it resulted in “countless hours of lost productivity at Story Kitchen.” Hopefully, all of those hours spent grinding away at vampire survivors will pay off and lead to a solidly entertaining, if out of left field, TV show.

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