A Timeline of the Jonathan Majors Controversy and Allegations, Explained

A Timeline of the Jonathan Majors Controversy and Allegations, Explained
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Jonathan Majors, who recently starred in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Creed III, has become embroiled in a serious controversy. Since late March, Majors has been accused of assaulting an unnamed woman in New York, which has resulted in the actor being charged with several felonies and removed from many of his upcoming projects. For those who want to know the whole story, here’s a breakdown of the timeline of the allegations against Majors.

The Timeline of the Jonathan Majors Abuse Controversy

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On March 25th, Majors was arrested by the New York City Police Department. The arrest was made in response to allegations made against Majors by his unidentified thirty-year-old girlfriend, who, in a report made to the police, claimed that the actor had assaulted her. In an official statement from the NYPD, officers noted that the alleged victim had “noticeable injuries on her head and neck” and had to be taken to a hospital.

The following day, Majors was formally charged with assault, attempted assault, harassment, and aggravated harassment. Later that same day, he was released by a judge “on his recognition” in light of his lack of criminal history. The same judge also handed Majors a limited order of protection, meaning that the actor cannot communicate with his alleged victim in a manner that comes off as aggressive or intimidating.

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On the day of his arrest, Majors’ attorney Priya Chaudhry claimed that his accuser had formally recanted her allegations in two written statements. On March 30th, Chaudhry released screenshots of two text messages allegedly written by Majors’ accuse after the alleged incident. In the messages, the victim claims that Major had acted in self-defense after she tried to grab his phone and that police had coerced her into falsely confessing by promising he wouldn’t be charged.

In the aftermath of his arrest, many organizations affiliated with Majors severed ties with him. The Lede Company, Majors public relations company, dropped him as a client, as did his management company Entertainment 360. Majors was also removed from several film projects he was involved with, with an ad campaign he’d recently begun with the US Army being scrapped entirely.

More recently, other women have come forward and claimed that Majors had previously assaulted them. While the validity of these claims is still being investigated, the women making them are currently cooperating with the District Attorney’s office in preparation for Majors’ trial, which is set to begin on May 8th.

– This article was updated on April 20th, 2023

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