A Universal Time tier list – looking for the finest stands?

A Universal Time tier list - looking for the finest stands?



A Universal Time tier list includes the best stands currently present in the game. Such stands are ideal for battles against other players if you want to gain the upper hand.

  • Sticky Fingers
  • Anubis
  • Christmas Star Platinum Requiem (CSPR)
  • H Reaper
  • Crazy Diamond
  • Star Platinum
  • Hierophant Green
  • The World
  • Gold Experience
  • Whitesnake
  • Hallow Shadow The World Requiem (HSTWRequiem)
  • reaper
  • King Crimson
  • Without
  • Shadow The World Requiem (STWRequiem)
  • shinigami
  • Star Platinum: The World
  • Star Platinum Requiem (SPR)
  • Zenith


Without is considered one of the best stands. He is so good that he is actually banned in PvP mode. In fact, Sans is a great stand as he has a lot of useful abilities. For example, he is particularly good against stand/abilities that deal an initial hit before a more powerful series of strikes. Sans will easily avoid these hits as he can dodge the initial strike and avoid the move entirely.

Star Platinum Requiem

It can be called a top-of-the-line stand, but getting your hands on one will not be an easy task. Thanks to its unique passive, the SPR strikes first. And when that happens, it deals an extra 5% of the target’s max HP and the second one heals it by 5% of the target’s max HP. The big disadvantage of this stand is the high cooldown. Compared to other stands, he will lose out in this regard.



It is not enough to rely only on S-tier list stands, and in most cases, it will not be easy to get them. Stands from this list are easier to get, and they are almost as good as those on the list above.

  • Chara
  • fightsaber
  • Nuclear Star/Crystallized
  • gaster
  • Gold Experience Requiem
  • Gun
  • JSP
  • Killer Queen
  • Planet Shaper
  • Snatcher
  • Tusk Act 4
  • X-Chara
  • TWHV


A unique character with unique abilities that will definitely lead you to victory if you can get him. Can be effective both in PvE and PvP.

His Hand Summon ability is real trouble for your opponents. It allows you to summon seven hands that hit enemies simultaneously, causing them to explode at the end of the attack.

It is worth remembering that the character can heal himself and his allies by 50 HP.


His coolness comes from the fact that he can launch a series of powerful attacks that will hurt your opponents badly. When you need to regroup and heal, the Knife Barrage ability will be very useful, and the X-Blaster can turn your enemies to dust.



Even though these stands are in the B-tier list, don’t underestimate them because they are still cost-effective and can potentially beat the stands that were previously on the lists above.

  • All Might
  • Casey
  • Requiem Cart
  • Coffin BOI
  • Platinum Chef
  • Cosmical Dio
  • dawn
  • PLR
  • Drip Goku
  • DTW
  • Hermit Purple
  • MiR
  • MiW
  • UUI
  • Purple Guy
  • Sakuya
  • Shadow Weaboo
  • STW
  • super shadow
  • WOW
  • CH
  • Tusk Act 3


If you are a fan of unusual abilities and playing with time, you are sure to like this stand. The main cool thing about this is the ability to control (slow down) time in order to perform a series of manipulations. The first ability will help you dodge attacks faster. The second, called the Killing Doll, shoots a barrage of point-blank knives at the enemy, dealing up to 90 units of damage.

Requiem Cart

If you have been wanting to play a tank, this stand will be perfect for you. You can easily stun your opponent and immediately deliver a killing blow. You can use your abilities like Heavy Punch to launch an AOE attack. Soul Manipulation allows you to emit an aura that will push your enemies to the ground.



  • C Moon
  • FSTW
  • Spin
  • Galaxy Annihilator
  • The Knight
  • KCAU
  • MiH
  • PROJECT Samurai
  • Samurai
  • SPOH
  • Hamon
  • Tusk Act 2/Tusk Act 1
  • ULF Kars
  • Kars
  • Vampire
  • VW

C Moon

A stand that has no useful passive abilities. Using this stand, you will have 365 HP. Inventing Barrage is one of its abilities. The Inventing Barrage ability fires at the enemy, dealing damage and slowing them down. Its Leap of Gravity causes the stand to jump up and down, causing other players on the server to experience a small bounce from the fall.


As has been said before, there are no bad stands in A Universal Time. You just have to know how to use them. After all, if you want to be a winner, the very best characters themselves will not do everything for you. Just remember that even characters from the A and B tier lists are still worthy of your attention.

This has been the tier list for A Universal Time. We hope you now know exactly which character you want to get in the game.

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