A Wonderful Life 2023 Crop Guide

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Remake Basic Farming Guide – Seeds, Fields & Fertilizer

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life has a unique set of farming mechanics brought forward from the original game. Players will have the ability to farm a select group of crops throughout each season, and eventually combine them to create hybrid seeds.

With seasons only lasting 10 days instead of the usual 28-30, players will need to keep track of exactly when certain crops can be planted, and ensure they have plenty of time to harvest their yield before they wither away. Here is everything to know about farming, hybrid seeds, and crop value in A Wonderful Life.

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All Farming Locations in SoS: A Wonderful Life

A Wonderful Life Amazing Field
Screenshot via Gamepur

Players will have access to three total farming plots on their farms. The first two are available immediately at the start of Chapter 1 in the spring. The plot closest to the Coop has the least fertile soil and is excellent for growing tree fruit. The area parallel to the pasture is slightly more fertile and is my personal choice for growing standard crops.

To obtain the “Amazing” farming area with the highest soil quality, players will need to enter Chapter 2, “Branching”, and speak with Takakura. He will mention that a new field can now be purchased in the Facilities tab of the ledger for 60,000G. This occurred on Summer Day 1 of year two during my own playthrough.

Fertilizer Uses, Spreaders, & Makers in A Wonderful Life Remake

Getting the best value for crops requires tender love and care, as well as the use of fertilizer. Players can Purchase Fertilizer from Vesta’s farm, or make it themselves in the fertilizer maker that can be purchased from the Ledger for 45,000G.

After obtaining fertilizer, it can be spread on crops by handor using the Fertilizer Spreaders that can also be purchased from the ledger. There are Three Fertilizer Spreaders in A Wonderful Life, and each cost 60,000G. While the cost can be steep, it speeds crop care up, making it worth the investment.

All Field Types in A Wonderful Life

It is important to note that A Wonderful Life’s farmstead has three farming areas. The first is the Low Quality Field, which sits right beside the coop. This is suitable for early trees and crops that don’t require decent quality soil to grow well. This field is available from the start of the game.

In addition to the first field, the Normal Quality Field is also available from the start of the game. It is bigger than the first field, and sits just to the right of the Poor Quality Field. This is perfect for growing most early game crops, but it won’t support most Tier 2 Hybrids.

The final area, The Amazing Field, must be purchased from the Ledger for 60,000G starting in the Summer of Year 2 after speaking to Takakura to unlock it. This massive field is tucked in the back of the homestead property and supports all types of seeds in the game.

How to Get The Free Seed Maker in A Wonderful Like Remake

daryle story of seasons a wonderful life
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Players will quickly notice that purchasing seeds isn’t a cheap investment when first starting a farm in A Wonderful Life. The Seed Maker Facility, which can be purchased through the farmstead Ledger, helps ease the difficulty of amassing seeds, but it is expensive at 30,000G.

Thankfully, players can get a Seed Maker for free by befriending Daryl in Year One. The mad scientist is definitely a bit gratifying, but offering him fossils from the Dig Site is an easy way to raise his friendship. After seeing two of his friendship events at his laboratory, and getting his friendship up 2/3 of the wayplayers will receive the Seed Maker from him for free as a gift.

How to Get Seeds in SoS: A Wonderful Life

A Wonderful Life Vesta
Screenshot via Gamepur

In order to start farming. Players will need to visit Vesta’s Farm to purchase seeds for each season.

Vesta won’t sell Hybrids, and only stocks seeds at a “B” quality, but they are affordable and are available immediately, unlike the items purchased through the ledger on the farm. Below are all the seeds sold at Vesta’s farm, and the seasons they can be planted.

Basic Seed Costs

Seed Name Buy Price Growing Season
Tomato 30G Spring/Summer/Autumn
Watermelon 60G Spring/Summer
Strawberry 30G Autumn/Winter/Spring
Melon 50G Summer/Autumn
Turnip 20G Summer/Autumn/Winter
potato 40G Winter/Spring
Carrots 30G Autumn/Winter
Sweet Potato 40G Autumn
Peach Seedling 180G Flowers in Spring, fruits in Summer
Orange Seedling 140G Flowers in Spring, fruits in Summer
Grape Seedling 160G Flowers in Summer, fruits in Autumn
Banana Seeding 280G Flowers in Spring, fruits in Summer
Apple Seedling 140G Flowers in Summer, fruits in Autumn

Basic Crop Values

Seed Name Crop Value B Crop Value A Crop Value S
Tomato 105G 135G 165G
Watermelon 195G 225G 255G
Strawberry 105G 135G 165G
Melon 210G 240G 270G
Turnip 75G 105G 135G
potato 180G 210G 240G
Carrots 135G 165G 195G
Sweet Potato 180G 210G 240G
peach 120G 150G 180G
Orange 90G 120G 150G
grape 105G 135G 165G
Banana 105G 135G 135G
Apple 75G 105G 135G

What are Hybrid Crops?

In Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, players have the ability to create Hybrid Crops. This can be done via the large plant named Vinnie that takes up residence in Takakura’s home during Year 2. To create Hybrids, players will need to mix two different base crops together. These hybrids can also be mixed to create “Rare” seeds. Check out our Hybrid Crops guide to get the full breakdown!

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