Across the Spider-Verse Features an Anime Easter Egg According To Marvel Leaker

Across the Spider-Verse Features an Anime Easter Egg According To Marvel Leaker


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Normally when reporting on the Twitter account @CanWeGetToast, it’s because they tweeted out a major scoop about an upcoming pop culture or MCU film. This time around, they tweeted out a fun little easter egg about the upcoming animated Spider-Man film, Across the Spider-Verse. Of course, take the following with a grain of salt since leaks and early cuts don’t always reflect the final product, especially on little details like this.

According to @CanWeGetToast, there’s a scene in Across the Spider-Verse where it’s confirmed that the Miles Morales we met in the first movie is a big anime fan. During a scene where Miles is in his room with fellow spider-person Gwen Stacy, a “mint condition” Deku (from My Hero Academia) figure is seen in the shot. Apparently, the figure was originally Piccolo (from the Dragon Ball franchise) in the test footage version of the scene.

Unbeknownst to Gwen, the Deku figure is a highly valuable collector’s item that she mistakes for just any other toy. She proceeds to remove the figure from its packaging likely to the dismay of Miles. @CanWeGetToast doesn’t mention Miles’ reaction in this scene, but if this is in the final cut, it’s sure to be an emotional one for our hero and anime figure collectors around the world.

Remember, there’s no indication from trailers that this part of the scene will happen in the final cut of the film. However, the trailers clearly show a scene where Gwen appears in Miles’ room through a portal.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is set to release exclusively in theaters later this year on June 2. It’s currently unsure where the film will be streaming following its theatrical release this summer.

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