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Airship Knights tier list |  pocket gamer

Picking the right characters in Airship Knights will help you compose the best possible team, as you won’t be wasting resources on the knights that are too weak.

Updated on March 15, 2023 – added Samantha and Dayden

Airship Knights is a very addictive idle RPG available for mobile devices. As you start the game, you will find yourself in a wonderful world that combines engineering and magic. You will become the captain of one of their Airships and will have to assemble a team of strong Knights.

There aren’t too many Knights in the game, especially compared to other similar RPGs. However, each of them has a unique appearance, skill set, backstory, and even voice acting. Moreover, you can upgrade them and equip various accessories. However, some Knights are much weaker than others in Airship Knights. That’s why we’ve created a tier list to help you build the best team in the game.

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Airship Knights is an idle RPG, and this means that all the battles in the game take place without your participation. You can only watch as your faithful Knights defeat enemies one by one. But that doesn’t mean you can’t influence the game; otherwise, what would be the point?

It’s worth noting that all Knights are divided into classes and types. Depending on the type, your Knights can deal more damage, but they can also be less protected from enemy attacks. These are the standard rock-paper-scissors rules:

  • The Fire type deals more damage to the Wind type.
  • The Wind type does more damage to the Earth type.
  • The Earth type does more damage to the Water type.
  • The Water type does more damage to the Fire type.

Each Knight belongs to one of the classes, and depending on the Class, you can place a knight in a team and multiply his or her damage. There are four classes in total:

  • Melee Dealer
  • Tanker
  • Range Dealer
  • Support

Although there are around 40 Knights in the game, they are not equal in strength. Some of them are much stronger than others. Therefore, we have created an Airship Knights tier list so that you can play as the strongest Knights in Airship Knights.

Original article by Alina Novichenko, updated by Artur Novichenko

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