All Amrita Pool level rewards in Genshin Impact

All Amrita Pool Level Rewards In Genshin Impact
All Amrita Pool Level Rewards In Genshin Impact

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With the new Genshin Impact 3.6 update, there are many new things to discover. One of the activities that can reap rewards is the Amrita Pool, found in Sumeru in the Realm of Farakhert. Using the Amrita Pool in Genshin Impact can increase its levels and give you plenty of rewards. If you’re curious as to what the Amrita Pool can offer you, continue reading.

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Amrita Pool reward guide in Genshin Impact

First off, you’re probably wondering where to find the Amrita Pool. Before you can find this pool, you must finish a quest called ‘The Splendrous Sky That Day’. This is a world quest apart of the ‘Khvarena of Good and Evil’ quest chain. You can start this quest when you’re entering the Gavireh Lajavard area for the first time, and come by the first Teleport Waypoint. Luckily, this quest will set up the tools needed to use the Amrita Pool, and guide you to its location.

Genshin Impact Amrita Pool Map

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Once you arrive at the Vourukasha Oasis and complete ‘The Splendrous Sky That Day’, head toward this Teleport Waypoint, southwest of the oasis. You’ll soon find the Amrita Pool, where you can talk to a Pari named Fedhri to use the pool. To collect rewards from the Amrita Pool, you must offer it Plumes of Purifying Light. These are collected using your new Gadget Sorush from the quest you just completed.

All Amrita Pool levels and rewards in Genshin Impact

There are six levels you can reach with this pool, while you must offer 30 Feathers of Purifying Light in total. Offer six Feathers per level to receive rewards. Once you’ve completed all six levels, you can claim the ‘Sumeru: Amrita Namecard’. In total, you can earn many useful rewards, as well as up to 600 Primo Gems.

Level rewards
1 100 Prime Gems
2 Silver Talisman of the Forest Dew
2 Oasis Garden’s Mounring
2 Dream of Scorching Might
2 100 Prime Gems
2 Guide to Admonition
2 Guide to Ingenuity
2 Guide to Praxis
3 100 Prime Gems
50,000 Mora
10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
4 100 Prime Gems
2 Iron Talisman of the Forest Dew
2 Oasis Garden’s Kindness
2 Remnant Glow of Scorching Might
5 100 Prime Gems
2 Philosophies of Admonition
2 Philosophies of Ingenuity
2 Philosophies of Praxis
6 100 Prime Gems
50,000 Mora
5 Hero’s Wit
Amrita Pool Genshin Impact

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