All of Lifeweaver’s new abilities in Overwatch 2

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Lifeweaver is Overwatch 2’s newest support hero, and this pansexual icon has a bounty of new tools for support players to experiment with. Described as a hero who has the potential to troll his team, Lifeweaver comes with numerous different abilities, including a controversial tool to reposition your teammates. At his core, however, Lifeweaver is a main healer who will keep your team healthy and ready for each team fight to come. Here are all of Lifeweaver’s new abilities in Overwatch 2.

Lifeweaver’s abilities and skills in Overwatch 2

Primary Fire: Healing Blossom & Thorn Volley

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Image by Blizzard

Lifeweaver’s Primary Fire is Healing Blossom, which is his main healing tool. You can charge this ability to charge a blossom. The longer you charge this ability, the better the healing. Blizzard stated this ability was the cornerstone of Lifeweaver and designed to be accessible and viable across numerous skill levels and scenarios. This ability is soft-targeted, meaning it will function similarly to abilities like Brigitte’s Armor Packs.

This hero also has a second primary fire, called Thorn Volley. This ability allows Lifeweaver to fire “biolight thorns” at enemies. This ability is intended to give Lifeweaver a chance to fight for himself, with Blizzard warning this ability does “relatively high damage for a support hero.”

Secondary Fire: Petal Platform

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Image by Blizzard

Petal Platform is Lifeweaver’s secondary fire and allows him to place a flower-like pod that elevates into the air when an ally or enemy steps on it. This platform will remain airborne for some time, and allies and enemies alike can thrust off the platform for a super jump when the flower reaches the apex of its height. This ability adds some verticality to the game, and can even counter some enemy ultimates like Orisa.

Rejuvenating Dash

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Image by Blizzard

Rejuvenating Dash is a mobility ability that allows Lifeweaver to dash in one direction. After performing this dash, Lifeweaver will heal himself slightly, giving him a bit of sustain as well. According to Blizzard, this ability “will look and feel like Hanzo’s dash,” giving Lifeweaver a way to disengage from enemy divers. This mobility tool can also be combined with Petal Platform to allow Lifeweaver to cover a surprising amount of distance.

Life Grip

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Already a controversial ability, Life Grip is Lifeweaver’s most recognizable skill. Life Grip shields an ally in a protective biolight and forces your ally to Lifeweaver’s location. When allies are in this shield, they are invulnerable to all sources of damage, presumably like Kiriko’s Protective Suzu. Naturally, you can probably see how disruptive this ability can be, both to enemies and allies.

tree of life

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Image by Blizzard

Tree of Life is Lifeweaver’s Ultimate ability. Lifeweaver will place a large biolight tree that “pulses with healing energy.” The tree functions as a wall, meaning you can stand behind it to take cover and hide from enemy abilities. Of course, this means you can also use this ability to block enemy light of sight, giving you potential cover from abilities like Cassidy’s Deadeye or D.Va’s Game Over.

Lifeweaver will join the support lineup at the start of Season 4, slated to begin on April 11. You’ll be able to unlock him permanently after purchasing the Premium Battle Pass or gaining enough levels, or you can try him out in the training room and custom games.

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