All Origin characters in Baldur’s Gate 3

All Origin Characters In Baldurs Gate 3
All Origin Characters In Baldurs Gate 3

Screenshot via Larian Studios

The character customization in Baldur’s Gate 3 is extremely in-depth and highly detailed. You can choose between multiple races, classes, and a unique combination of looks. One of the most compelling parts of character customization is actually choosing who to play. There are an array of Origin characters in Baldur’s Gate 3, so let’s go over them all.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Origin characters

First off, what exactly are Origin characters? You’ll choose which Origin you’d like before anything else. This will be the character you control and make decisions for. Not only can you create a Custom character, but you can play your companions, and a new Origin called The Dark Urge. We’ll go over all Origin character in Baldur’s Gate 3 so you can decide who you’d like to play.

All Origin Characters In Baldurs Gate 3 Custom

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Custom Origin

This will probably be the most popular Origin character. You have free reign over their customization, and they’re the one Origin which you have full say over everything. Nearly all of the other Origin characters are premade in certain ways, so if you’re not interested in creating your own character, they may interest you more. Otherwise, any fan of the Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition rules and universe, or RPGs in general, will highly enjoy spending minutes upon hours in this character creator.

bg3 astarion

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Astarion Origin

Now comes in the premade characters. If you choose to be Custom or The Dark Urge, all these other characters act as your party members. But you can actually choose to play and make choices for them instead. Astarion is an elf vampire spawn who plays as the Rogue class. He’s now free from his sadistic master, and hopes to never return. Astarion yearns for blood, so playing as him for an Origin character may force you to make difficult decisions.

All Romance Options In Baldurs Gate 3 Laezel

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Lae’zel Origin

Lae’zel is the Fighter class, and is a githyanki. She’s quite the skilled warrior, and wants to kill any Mind Flayer in her wake. The githyanki used to be slaves to Mind Flayers, and they’re now her sworn enemy. The only problem is that her own people don’t want her, and Lae’zel desperately wants them to accept her back. Perhaps playing as this Origin character will make for some unique interactions with the other githyanki.

mange bg3

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Scabies Origin

This human Wizard is hoping to become the most talented in all of Faerun. Sadly, Gale wanted more power than he could handle, and ended up with an explosive orb inside him that could detonate a city. With him as an Origin character, there may be unique opportunities to get that orb out of you. Or perhaps your story will end with the explosion detonating the area around you.

All Origin Characters In Baldurs Gate 3 Shadowheart

Screenshot via Larian Studios

Shadowheart Origin

Shadowheart is a half-elf Cleric, and a disciple to Shar, one of many Deities. Sent on a suicide mission to steal a highly powerful item, she must deal with new mysterious magic. Her faith to her Deity may be questioned during your playthrough of Shadowheart. Will you help her succeed the mission, or will you abandon it and see what happens next?

bg3 wyll

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Wyll Origin

The only other human companion is Wyll, but his magic instead comes from a dark pact made with a devil. This noble Warlock is called ‘Blade of Frontiers’, and tries to hide his bargain from others. Although he wants to escape the pact, he’s also willing to rescue the devil that gave him those powers in the first place. Can you help save Wyll’s soul, or will you fall for the seductive creature that made a bargain with him?

Tiefling Bg3

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Karlach Origin

This tiefling wasn’t a companion during Early Access, but upon full release is playable and recruit-able. Karlach has recently escaped from Hell, and is free from Zariel the archdevil. Sadly, this same devil planted a bomb in his chest, being the second person in the party to possibly explode. The infernal engine could combust at any point, but despite this she’s a powerful Barbarian. Don’t let her rage fully consume her.

Baldurs Gate 3 What Is The Dark Urge Explained

Screenshot via Larian Studios

The Dark Urge Origin

Larian Studios introduced this new Origin character at the Release Showcase livestream. The Dark Urge is a fully customizable character like the Custom Origin. Instead though, you have no clue about your past, and all you know is that you have an urge to do terrible things. The developers wanted to create an Origin that would feed into the desires of certain gamers to make the bad choices in games. Choose to feed into those dark, murderous choices as The Dark Urge, or lean away from them. Just be warned, this Origin can go down some pretty disturbing paths.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available on Steam.

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