All Roblox Nuke Simulator Codes (July 2023)

All Roblox Nuke Simulator Codes: how to redeem codes

Having fun nuking things in Nuke Simulator? You can further arm yourself with oodles of valuable resources through the use of Roblox codes, and it’s free! However, they never last long, so here’s the latest Roblox Nuke Simulator codes.

Every Nuke Simulator Code in Roblox

Page updated July 18, 2023

Added a new code!

  • STILLFASTERTHANTHEDMV —Use code 10 Spins (New)
  • QUANTUMTICKETS —Use code for 10k Tickets (New)
  • BIGTICKETZ —Use code for 10 Mega Tickets
  • BIGTICKETZZ —Use code for 15 Mega Tickets
  • MASSIVEGIFT — Use code for a Free Gift
  • MEGANUKE — Use code for 2 Mega Silo Tickets
  • ThanksAzure! — Use code for 2 Mega Silo Tickets
  • Only1ThisTime — Use code for 1 Daily Spin
  • MOREBOOSTS2 — Use code for 8 Coin Boosts, 8 Damage Boosts, 6 Extra Luck Boosts, and 6 Crazy Luck Boosts
  • iLikeGems —Use code for 500k Gems
  • CYBERCOINZZ2 — Use code for 5million Cyber ​​Coins
  • TIKTOKHYPE — Use code for TikTok Nuke
  • CYBERCOINZ2 — Use code for 100k Coins
  • CreepyCyberCoins. — Use code for 666,666 Coins
  • ImBrokeSoINeedThisCode —Use code for 100k Gems
  • CYBERCOINZZ — Use code for 200k Coins
  • MOREBOOSTS! —Use code for All Boosts
  • BOOSTS —Use code for All Boosts
  • DESTROY2 —Use code for 60k Gems
  • UPINOHIO —Use code for 100k Gems
  • MOONBOOST — Use code for 20k Moon Coins
  • ALIENGEMS —Use code for 80k Gems
  • DOWNINOHIO — Use code for 250k Coins
  • LOTTADAMAGE —Use code for 5x Damage Boosts
  • DESTROY —Use code for 3x Damage Boosts
  • MARTIANGEMS —Use code for 20k Gems
  • BET — Use code for this code for x3 Coin, Damage, Extra Luck, and Crazy Luck Boosts
  • GEMURITE — Use code for this code for 20,000 Gems
  • BIGBOOM — Use code for this code for 250,000 Coins
  • OHIOSIMULATOR — Use code for this code for 30,000 Gems
  • LUCKYBOI — Use code for this code for x3 Crazy Luck Boosts

As usual, you should use these codes as soon as possible, considering most Roblox codes will eventually expire, in turn, losing out on their free rewards.

How to Redeem Nuke Simulator Codes in Roblox

All Roblox Nuke Simulator Codes: how to redeem codes
Image Source: Roblox Corporation via Twinfinite

In order to earn the free rewards listed above, those codes have to be redeemed in-game. So, launch Nuke Simulator and follow along with these steps:

  1. Open the Shop. It’s the basket icon on the right-hand side, just below your currencies.
  2. Along the bottom, click on the Twitter icon (it’s shaped like a bird).
  3. On the right-hand side, towards the bottom, copy and paste one of the codes above, then select Confirm. You do not have to follow the developers on Twitter (but it would be nice).
  4. Profit!

There you have it, folks: that is everything you need to know about all Roblox Nuke Simulator codes and how to redeem them. If you’re seeking out more code lists, may we suggest All Star Tower Defense? Or maybe you’re cool with mindless clicking, in which case all working codes in Clicker Simulator would be of better use to you.

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