All Side Quests, Missable Quests & Rewards (FF16)

Final Fantasy 16: All Side Quests, Missable Quests & Rewards
Make Do and Mend
Fetch wood for the carpenter make-do-and-mend-side-quest-map-reference-in-final-fantasy-16
The Furrows in The Hideaway. The quest
unlocks the first time Clive is in this area. Collect wood from the carpenter at the White Adze and deliver it back to the Head Carpenter. 1 Meteorite, 1 Gil Bug, and 5 XP. Food for Thought
Help keep the Fat Chocobo running food-for-thought-side-quest-map-reference-in-final-fantasy-16
The Ale Hall in The Hideaway. The quest will be unlocked the first time Clive is in this area. Deliver the three meals to the bosses of the Fat Chocobo. 1 Wyrrite and the contents of a lockbox. For us, the lockbox contained a Badge of Mettle necklace. The Thousand Tomes
Speak to Tomes food-for-thought-side-quest-map-reference-in-final-fantasy-16
At the top of the stairs in the Ale Hall in The Hideaway. This is an ongoing side quest players can start the first time they’re in The Hideaway. Players should speak to Tomes, the NPC that loves to hear Clive’s stories, every time they return to The Hideaway. Each new story Clive tells will increase the level of The Thousand Tomes. Level 2 Rewards: The Valisthean Calendar & Egis Entries.
Level 3 Rewards: The Continental Accord & the Founder Entries. A Place for Everyone
Give Kenneth a Hand. food-for-thought-side-quest-map-reference-in-final-fantasy-16
The Fat Chocobo where Clive picked up the Food for Thought quest above. Deliver three meals to three new NPCs in The Hideaway. Each one is marked with a green icon. 20 XP and a Gil Bug. Moving Heaven and Earth
Go and Check on the Man’s Assistant. moving-heaven-and-earth-side-quest-map-reference-in-final-fantasy-16
Speak to Chief Botanist Bohumil in The Furrows area of ​​The Hideaway. Fast Travel to Orabelle Downs to track down and protect Bohumil’s assistant. After being rescued, she’ll ask Clive to collect some soil samples. Do this by interacting with the soil at the set locations before returning to Bohumil. This side quest is the first that made us laugh out loud because of how much Bohumil loves dirt. 18 XP, 10 Valley Madder, 20 Sharp Fang, and 30 Bloody Hide. All Bark
Speak to the nobleman by the cart All Bark Final Fantasy 16
At the top of the map from the Northreach Obelisk. In the All Bark side quest, players must navigate a delicate situation where a nobleman has lost his son. This includes discovering the son’s condition and explaining it to the nobleman in a way that won’t end up with Clive getting stuck with a sword. 20 XP and 30 Magicked Ash. What a Bird Wants
Agree to carry the package to Martha’s Rest what-a-bird-wants-side-quest-in-final-fantasy-16
On the way to Martha’s Rest. Speak to the man by the overturned cart. Take the goods from the man by the cart and run them over to the man at the stables. 10 Sharp Fang, 5 Bloody Hide, and 18 XP. False Friends
Agree to help with the search false-friends-side-quest-map-reference-fianl-fantasy-16
Speak to the man by the Chocobo in Martha’s Rest. Follow the map marker to find Norreis’ lamp. Search further, and kill more monsters, until Norreis can be seen near a shack. Clive needs to speak to him before returning to Martha’s Rest. When he does, he’ll use the lamp to convince people to stop looking for Norreis so Martha can save him. 20 XP, 10 Magicked Ash, and 1 Meteorite. Crystalline Lifeline
Search the swamp for the crystal crystalline-lifeline-side-quest-map-reference-in-final-fantasy-16
Speak to the man with the fish in a bucket. He’s at Martha’s Rest, close to the ladder down to the swamp. Take the ladder down to the swamp and kill the monsters there, overgrown crabs, until Clive finds the Foul Crystal. Then, head back to the fishmonger and give him the crystal so he can freeze his fish once more. 19 XP, 1,000 Gil, 10 Wyrrite, and 10 Magicked Ash. Beast Against Beast
Agree to deal with the wolves beast-against-beast-side-quest-map-reference-final-fantasy-16
Speak to the man on the road towards The Broken Hilt in Greensheaves. Kill the pack of wolves blocking the path. The Alpha is particularly powerful but should go down eventually with enough force. 20 XP, 1,000 Gil, 10 Wyrrite, and 1 Meteorite. Needs of the Many
Search for the missing Bearer needs-of-the-many-side-quest-map-reference-in-final-fantasy-16
Speak to Alban the Postmaster at the entrance to The Hideaway the second time Clive returns there. Kill the enemies in the forest and track down Randal, the missing Bearer. Then, once he’s been located, return to Alban at The Hideaway. 20 XP, 30 Wyrrite, 30 Sharp Fang, and 1 Meteorite. Welcoming Committee
Agree to go and talk to the Bearers welcoming-committee-side-quest-map-reference-in-final-fantasy-16
Speak to Alain in Lostwing after returning to The Hideaway for the second time. Speak to the Bearers and get them some food from the inn. 15 XP and 1 Gil Bug. Dying on the Vine
Exterminate the Wasps dying-on-the-vine-side-quest-map-reference-in-final-fantasy-16
Speak to Emile in the wine cellar in Lostwing following Clive’s return to The Hideaway for the second time. Head to the vineyard and kill all of the wasps there before returning to Emile. 15 XP, 10 Sharp Fang, and 1 Black Blood. Red Letter Day
Offer to search for the missing items red-letter-day-side-quest-map-reference-in-final-fantasy-16
Speak with Glenn, the courier, in The Hideaway after Clive returns there for the second time in the story. Visit the vineyard in Lostwing to pick up the items Glenn has dropped. Then, speak with the locals to discover where Cid’s letter has gotten to. After collecting it, return to Glenn in the Hideaway. 20 XP, 20 Wyrrite, and 10 Sharp Fang. While the Cat’s Away
Offer to go and deal with the bandits while-the-cats-away-side-quest-map-reference-in-final-fantasy-16
Speak to the Inn Hand at Martha’s Rest after returning to The Hideaway for the second time. Enter Martha’s Rest and kill the bandits inside. After the bandits have been defeated, the quest will complete. 20 XP, 10 Wyrrite, and 5 Steelsilk. The Want Beyond the Wall
Help the merchant with his dealings beyond the wall the-want-beyond-the-wall-side-quest-map-reference-in-final-fantasy-16
Speak to Etienne the merchant just after accessing the Veil. Deliver three mysterious goods to merchants beyond the wall and take the items they give in return back to Etienne. 18 XP, 20 Steelsilk, 20 Bloody Hide, and 1,000 Gil. Pride Comes Before a Fall
Rise to the soldiers’ challenge pride-comes-before-a-fall-side-quest-map-reference-in-final-fantasy-16
Speak to the soldiers in the training area just before the entrance to Royal Meadows. Beat both of the soldiers in a fight. 20 XP, 1 Meteorite, and 1,100 Gil. Friend of the People
Agree to help friend-of-the-people-side-quest-map-reference-in-final-fantasy-16
Speak to Mathieu, Oriflamme Official on the walkway above the soldiers’ training area. Deliver food to the Bearers that are being abused. Then speak to the courtesan at the Veil to end the quest. 18 XP, 25 Magicked Ash, and 1,000 Gil.

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