All Tarot Cards and Effects in Demonologist

All Tarot Cards and Effects in Demonologist

Demonologist is the new hit spooky game from Clock Wizard Games. Players must find their way around different scary settings, and locations of the ghouls, whilst keeping mic noise to a minimum. The game introduces sound proximity and randomly selected baddies to keep the game fun and ghost hunters on their toes. One of the many elements introduced to the game is the Tarot cards. Interestingly, all the Tarot Cards and Effects in Demonologist aren’t known yet, but we have put together the ones we know so far for you.

All Tarot Cards and Effects in Demonologist

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These cards can be found in random spots around the different maps. They can add both a boost or a boon to the game, making each experience a new one. So far only a few have been dropped into the game, but as they add more we will keep this piece up to date. When you find the deck of cards your player will pull one at random and have to deal with the consequences.

So, these are the ten Tarot Cards and effects in Demonologist. However, ensure you choose wisely, the consequences could be fatal.

  • Aggressive – Makes the ghoul more aggressive
  • Angel – Bring a dead teammate back to life
  • Death – Bad guy attacks
  • Devil – Ghost interacts with an object
  • Flame of Fate – Raise or lower sanity
  • Guillotine – A player dies
  • Moon – Lower sanity
  • Slavic – Entitiy becomes trapped in the room it’s in
  • Sun – Increases sanity
  • void – No impact

A few notes on drawing Tarot Cards

As you can see, the Tarot Cards effects in Demonologist are more often negative than positive. I think the positives are worth the risk. As the game goes on, more Tarot Cards are going to be added to the stack. This little extra addition to the game just adds to the replayability. Of course, you can always just not pick up a card, but where is the fun in that? Finally, drawing the Angel card will reward the team with the ‘The Pheonix, Rebirth’ award, a very tricky achievement to get simply because of its rarity.

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