All unique dungeon boss drops and what they do in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears Of The Kingdom Boss Drops Colgera Reaper

Whenever you defeat a boss in one of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s four main dungeons, that boss will reappear in specific arenas in the Depths for you to challenge again. Aside from serving as an easy way to refight bosses without starting a new playthrough, it also allows you to obtain the bosses’ unique rewards. They mostly come in the form of fusible materials for massive increases in attack power, with each one behaving slightly differently. This Tears of the Kingdom guide will talk about every one of these unique boss drops and the perks they provide.

The uses of every dungeon boss drop in Tears of the Kingdom

The first of these drops, the Colgera Jaw, spawns after you best Colgera, the Wind Temple boss, in the Depths. It comes with an attack power of 36, a potent reward for beating what I and many others see as one of the easiest bosses in the game. Additionally, the Colgera Jaw counts as a sharp material, meaning it can cut trees, vines, ropes, and other things that blunt weapons can’t. Fusing it with a shield will allow you to damage enemies using parries, which might prove useful if you already have an inventory full of powerful fused weapons.

Next, we have the Marbled Gohma Leg, the reward for beating the boss of the Fire Temple, Marbled Gohma. This material provides a slightly higher attack power of 38, and it has the same properties as rocks, boulders, and other “hard” items, so it can easily break rock walls and ore deposits. The Marbled Gohma Leg becomes especially powerful against bosses that have ore deposits as weak points, namely the Stone Taluses and the Froxes.

Finally, there’s the Queen Gibdo Wing, earned by defeating the relatively tricky Queen Gibdo of the Lightning Temple. It’s the strongest of the three drops thanks to its attack power of 36, and it also produces gusts of wind that blow enemies away when used with a weapon. Additionally, it changes the charge attack of two-handed weapons to that of the Eightfold Longblade, meaning you perform a single slash instead of a multi-hit spinning attack. Personally, I find the standard spinning charge attack to be much more effective at dealing damage quickly, so I would save the Queen Gibdo Wing for one-handed weapons or spears if possible.

What about the Mucktorok?

Note that the Mucktorok is the only one of the four main bosses in Tears of the Kingdom to not provide unique drops when defeated. Instead, it simply drops a large amount of materials you’d normally get from standard Octoroks.

Tears Of The Kingdom Boss Drops Marbled Gohma Leg

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