All weapon and accessory drops in Pixel Piece

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Pixel Piece is another fan-made rendition of the widely popular One Piece anime. Within the created Roblox world, living out all your hacking, superpowered adventures becomes possible. When you defeat the various enemies in Pixel Piece, they have a chance to drop weapons and accessories. Knowing where to find all the Pixel Piece weapons and accessory drops will allow you to equip yourself with some fantastic armor and arsenal.

All weapon and accessory drops in Pixel Piece

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Pixel Piece Weapon drops

  • Ax Hand – This is a rare weapon with a base damage of 4. This Weapon only has a 10% drop rate, and you can find it by defeating Norgan in Shells Town.
  • Cutlass Kaba – A rare Cutlass obtained by defeating Kabaji in Orange Town. It only has a 10% chance of dropping and has a base damage of 4.
  • Nuro Claws – In Syrup Village, you must kill the Nuto Pirate Boss for a very slim chance of obtaining this weapon drop. The Nuro Claws have a considerable base damage of 10.
  • Colored Katanas – These Katanas can be obtained by defeating the Sea Beasts in Central Port. Each has a base damage of 13, making them among the most powerful weapons.

Accessory drops

  • Clown Nose – By killing the Clow Pirate in Orange Town, you will have a 25% chance of this accessory drop in Pixel Piece. It gives +15 health and +1 health regen.
  • Kaba Scarf – For +2 health regen and +10 stamina, you must kill the Kabaji boss in Orange Town. This gives a 5% chance for the accessory to drop.
  • navy hat – The Swordsman Sailor Guards in Shells Town give a 25% chance of dropping this fashionable accessory. It gives you +5 health and +25 stamina.
  • metaljaw – Slaying Norgan gives a 5% chance of dropping the Metal Jaw, which delivers +5 stamina, +10 health, and +1 stamina regen.
  • Puggy Scarf – To equip yourself with +3 stamina regen, you must beat Puggy in Orange Town. There is only a 3% chance of it dropping.
  • puggy cloak – Defeating the Same boss as the Puggy Scarf will give an even slimmer chance of only 1% to receive this accessory. The grind is worth it, as you will also receive +90 health and +70 stamina while looking incredibly dashing.
  • puggy hat – This accessory is considered a Mythical drop from good old Puggy in Orange Town due to its 0.5% drop rate. Wearing it will grant +45 health, +25 stamina, and +2 health regen.

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