American and Euro Truck Simulator enter update 1.47 open beta

American Truck Simulator Update 1 47 Beta Image

SCS Software has dropped Open Beta access for both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 for version 1.47. Many of the new features and improvements included with this update apply equally to both titles, but there are a few exclusive bits of content made specifically for each of these truck sims.

1.47 Open Beta brings QOL updates for American and Euro Truck Simulator

In terms of shared new features, there are plenty. The games now include random road bumps, a new ‘world ambient sounds’ and direction filter, the addition of adaptive cruise control & EB, the ability to own your own gas cisterns, and a career history UI redesign.

The random road bumps are described as being “procedurally generated” and won’t actually be visible to the player. That said, you will feel and hear them as they affect your truck; not too dissimilar to the random pot hole that you plead you didn’t see (we’ve all been there).

Opposite of driving hazards are driving aids. Trucks have a new adaptive cruise control and emergency braking system, which is a welcome feature. It allows your truck to automatically makes adjustments to its speed and distance depending on the vehicle in front of it. The EBS also senses an impending frontal crash, and will then activate to avoid a collision, or at least minimize the damage as much as possible.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1 47 Beta Image

Picture via SCS Software

With gas cisterns now being a part of the roster of ownable trailers, players can now choose between five different chassis types, and 50 customizable accessories.

As for the sound enhancements, SCS has made some upgrades to its fairly recent inclusion of FMOD support into both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. The new enhancements in the update 1.47 Open Beta now generate more “points” in the sound environment, thus allowing players to here different sounds at different distances.

One example given is that when resting at a truck stop in Texas, you might hear crickets chirping at different distances. The sound of your truck’s engine also benefit from these new enhancements, which ties in with the sim’s camera system; your truck will sound differently depending on what direction it’s facing towards the sim’s camera. SCS has prepared a new video to properly demonstrate all of these changes.

For the completionists out there, the new UI redesign for the career history menu will provide more context for all of your accomplishments in your loaded save game. This includes stats such as the amount of trucks you’ve owned, the number of cities you’ve discovered, your total number of deliveries, total gameplay (and real time) accumulation, as well as many other data points.

Another small, but very effective QOL update that’s been made is the ability to allow players to change where they’d be like to be sent to whenever the game detects a necessary reset. Before, this would automatically be wherever the player HQ was set up. But now players can decide if they’d rather be teleported to a discovered service station.

Individual upgrades

There are game-specific additions that have come with update 1.47. However, the only thing for American Truck Simulator is the addition of custom city intros in the Utah and Idaho map expansions (when starting a new game in a city for the first time). Euro Truck Simulator 2 gets a much bigger exclusive enhancement with the reworking of its Germany scenery. This brings freshly built designs for the cities of Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Nurnberg, and Erfurt. Similar to its American sibling, there are also new custom city intros within the Road to Black Sea DLC.

There’s no official release date for when the full version of update 1.47. In the meantime, you can access each beta from your Steam client, right-clicking on the appropriate game title, clicking ‘Properties’ then the ‘Betas’ tab, and then selecting ‘public_beta 1.47’ from the drop-down menu.

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