Apex Legends players discover new glitch that lets them roam full battle royale maps in the Control LTM

Apex Legends players discover new glitch that lets them roam full battle royale maps in the Control LTM

From never-ending Team Deathmatch games to spooky noises randomly appearing during battle royale matches, Apex Legends Season 16 has seen its fair share of strange bugs since its debut in late February. Now, it appears players have stumbled on yet another, but one that is allowing them to break the barriers of out of bounds areas and explore entire maps. It is even alleged that the glitch enables Legends to earn valuable loot not found in-game.

According to YouTuber Dirty Skirty, it is actually possible to explore well beyond the small maps of Apex Legends’ Control game mode. In a recent published video, they reveal that players can fly over of the invisible walls barricading restricted areas of the mode’s maps by using Legend Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive Ultimate. Alternatively, other Legends can apparently do so by placing a Mobile Respawn Beacon near the walls and dying to end up on the other side — and there are no out of bounds timers to stop them from endlessly exploring.

In result, the YouTuber has displayed that teams are able to fight or travel to any POI within World’s Edge, King’s Canyon, and Storm Point. More surprisingly, their gameplay has reasoned that squads can pick up exclusive loot from Prowler enemies on the Lava Siphon map and use it during matches. However, they do point that Supply Bins, zip lines, and doors do not spawn outside of the Control locations.

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They conclude that these glitches are present in both Public and Custom Control matches, though they recommend those wanting to avoid being banned only perform this in Custom. At the time of writing, Control is currently a part of the brand new Mixtape playlist, which also includes Team Deathmatch and Gun Run in its rotation. The playlist even features its own limited-time rewards tracker, gifting players Apex Packs and cosmetics at each of its point milestones.

via Dirty Skirty’s YouTube

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