Archeland guide – 7 tips to improve your gameplay

Archeland guide - 7 tips to improve your gameplay


Tip #1 – Focus on the main story

It might sound boring or tedious, but the best thing you can do if you’re just starting out is to focus on completing as much as you can from the story mode. This is important if you want to unlock the game’s better dungeons where you can further enhance your team.

Make sure you complete as many main and side quests as possible, because these will grant you additional rewards.

Another reason why we recommend advancing as much as possible and thus leveling up is that some of the missions will have a level requirement.


Tip #2 – Always consider the bonus element

Element bonus plays a big part in all encounters, and especially in the late-game levels and certain dungeons, these bonuses will have a considerable impact. Some dungeons are going to “suggest” that you have specific elements on your team, and for good reason. If you aren’t really taking into consideration these suggestions, you might end up completely losing that battle.

The best course of action would be to upgrade at least 2 or 3 units belonging to each element (Fire, Water and Lightning for a start) to have at least one damage dealer and a tank, because these will be enough to pass the stages that have such requirements.


Tip #3 – Upgrade all the right units

The game has four hero rarities: N, R, SR, and SSR. Quite obviously, the SSR heroes are some of the best in the game, having the highest stats and best skill scaling. However, some of the SRs are not to be overlooked. There are some units that we’ve mentioned in our tier list that rank quite well.

You should not bother investing your resources in the N and R units, but instead, focus on the high-tier SR and SSR ones. It’s not that important to have them all maxed out in rank, especially when it comes to the SSR ones since their default stats are good. The SR ones will be upgraded much faster, but if you get duplicates for the higher-ranking ones (like Lohanes, Enjard and Nicholas), you will find them extremely useful.


Tip #4 – Invest in the right gear

When you start obtaining pieces of equipment, you will find that a lot of them are actually quite good! That means you don’t need to wait for the “right” gear to start spending resources on upgrading it. You should start leveling up any piece you get and equipping them on your characters too. These will make the units a lot stronger by benefitting from the additional stats from their gear.

When upgrading gear, you will have an option in the bottom left corner that allows you to upgrade everything at once, so if you want to save some time, you can consider that option as well. Just make sure that you have all the materials you need for the upgrades!

Try to acquire the main Weapon for your main units

Each character has a specific weapon that goes with them, and these are not always easy to acquire. If you happen to get the right weapon for your main characters, then by all means, spend all of your resources upgrading these. Otherwise, upgrade them just as much as necessary, while saving the materials for the right ones.


Tip #5 – Allocate the right Talents for your main units early on

Talents are passive skill nodes that each character has, and they can be upgraded every several levels. However, these can be quite confusing. There are a lot of Talents available, and depending on how you want to use your character, you may need a specific node over another.

You should not rush into allocating the Talent points in a random way, but read what each one does and think about how much longer it would take for you to reach a node that will have a greater impact on your character. In the early stages of the game, this all plays an extremely important role, even if you’ll eventually unlock everything.


Tip #6 – Complete dungeons as often as you can

Dungeons in Archeland are extremely important later on, because they will let you farm for various materials and equipment upgrade items, as well as general character upgrade items. However, they all cost Stamina, which is a resource that you will need a lot, especially if you’re just starting out.

The best thing you can do is complete just enough dungeons every day to have enough materials to upgrade your main characters, and use the remaining Stamina to advance in the story stages.

Farming the dungeons is going to play a much bigger role in the late game, when you will have more Stamina at your disposal to spend however you like.

Every single day, you should do the 12 Sweeps that you have available daily, since they will reset at the end of the day and it’s going to save you a lot of time as well.


Tip #7 – Stack up Stamina and farm idly

If you want to get EXP and items but don’t really feel like doing all the hard work yourself, then you can simply stack up your Stamina and while you’re fighting in a stage, tap on the little option underneath the Stamina which allows you to continuously battle.

That option will automatically spend the Stamina you’ve got and continue playing the stages, killing enemies and gathering EXP. It’s a little option that you can use while you’re busy doing something else but still want to advance in Archeland.

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