Are achievements account wide in Diablo 4? Explained

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Any avid fans of the Diablo franchise know that only playing a single playthrough of the game is probably pretty unlikely. Once one character has been mastered and raised to a high enough level, it’s time to bring a new one into the realm. Each character in Diablo 4 plays so differently that each playthrough feels completely unique. When a new character is started, they exist in the same realm as previous ones so that gear can be shared between characters. As well as gear, achievements are account-wide rather than for specific characters making progress easier in Diablo 4.

Account-wide achievements in Diablo 4.

There are a few things that count as achievements in Diablo 4 that will carry over through each of your characters.

Alters of Lilith

Each of these Quirks will give the related buff to all characters on the Diablo 4 realm. So, when you grab an Alter, and it awards more health potion slots, all your characters will receive the bonus. However, XP, Renown, and Gold will still be available to earn for each new character. Therefore, it is still beneficial to go out there and find them all again.

Alters of Lilith grants a lot of bonuses for the characters on one single Diablo 4 account. These can vary from stats to Murmuring Obols carry capacity. Beginning a new character on an account with all the achievements from the Alters of Lilith will help the character massively. Grab them as you go for the sweet account-wide achievements in Diablo 4.

Renewed achievements

Account-wide achievements in Diablo 4.

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Thesis Diablo 4 completion rewards are account-wide. Therefore, you could start a new character with up to 10 skill points to allocate. However, XP and gold will not carry over, so again, it is still worth completing each area. When looking at renown achievements in Diablo 4, you will notice that one has the image of a single person by it, and the other has three. These signify which are account-wide Diablo 4 achievements and which are for single characters.

Getting all renown for each area before you start a new Diablo 4 character will give you a huge advantage going into another save with your account. The achievements will help your next Necromancer, Rogue, or Barbarian start out strong.

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