Arena Breakout: Best control layouts

Arena Breakout: Best control layouts

Arena Breakout is a highly-anticipated FPS shooter developed by Level Infinite that is scheduled to release globally soon. We have been playing its test version for a few days and have decided to release a few guides to help you out. Let’s start with the basics. In this guide, we will cover Arena Breakout’s best control layouts.

Arena Breakout is a tactical FPS game that claims to be one of the most realistic. The gameplay simulates a war-like experience, where you play as a soldier, eliminate enemies, and safely escape the combat area. During this process, you also try to loot valuables from the surroundings or enemies and sell them on the market to earn money, which can then be used to purchase stronger weapons.

As mentioned before, the gameplay is very realistic, meaning every bullet count. Thus having an excellent control layout is very crucial. You should have a control layout that helps you quickly shoot, take cover and help with recoil control. Shooters are quite serious these days if you want to stay competitive. Players use a multi-finger control layout to do multiple actions simultaneously. So, you need to learn to use a three or four-finger Arena Breakout control layout to give other players a hard fight and, ultimately, escape the combat area more often.

Arena Breakout best two-finger control layout

Arena Breakout two finger control layout

If you want a two-finger control layout, the default setup is good, so you can stick to it. You could probably make a couple of changes, such as making the buttons bigger and placing them where it’s comfortable for you. But we do not recommend using a two-finger control layout as it restricts your movement. You can’t do multiple things, such as run, jump, and shoot at the same time. Hence, we highly recommend using a three or four-finger control layout. But if you want to continue with the two-finger control layout, at least turn on Gyro.

Arena Breakout best three-finger control layout

Arena Breakout three finger control layout

We’ve made our three-finger Arena breakout layout so that even if someone wants to shift from a two-finger layout, it will take a little time to get used to this new setup. It will take a few matches to get comfortable.

If you look closely at this layout, you will notice its similarity to the default layout. We placed the fire button in the top left corner, meaning you can use your left index finger to fire. Beyond that, everything remains the same. You use your left thumb for movement and your right thumb for everything else, like aiming, jumping, crouching, and peaking.

The main advantage of using this layout over a two-finger approach is that you now have a dedicated finger for firing weapons. This frees your right thumb to help you with aiming and recoil control.

Arena Breakout best four-finger control layout

Arena Breakout four finger control layout

Credits: 1ceStream

A four-finger layout is usually for those who take the game seriously or want to participate in competitive matches. If you’re going to play just for fun, stick to a three-finger setup, but if you want to push your gameplay to the next level, use this layout.

It’s built upon the three-finger layout. You now have to use your right index finger for movements such as jumping, crouching, peaking, and reloading; this leaves your right thumb free to handle recoil.

We’ve used auto ADS in this layout, but if you want to scope in manually, you must also put the scope button in the upper right corner.

With this, we come to the end of our Arena Breakout: Best control layouts guide. We’ve also got plenty of other guides for popular games, such as the best control layouts for Farlight 84 and F1 Clash guide. Make sure to check them out.

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