Arena Breakout guide for beginners – Essential tips and tricks

Arena Breakout guide for beginners - Essential tips and tricks


Tip #1 – Make sure to carry the correct items into the battlefield

Before jumping into the action, you decide what to take into battle with you. Your loadout has four things: Armour, Weapons, Containers and Supplies.

We recommend that new players wear helmets and body armour; Class 1 or 2 should be enough. As for Weapons, there are many options; choose the one that suits your playstyle. If you prefer close-range combat, equip an SMG or shotgun, for long-range combat you can use Sniper Rifles, while Assault rifles are suitable for both situations. Lastly, remember to carry enough ammo and medical supplies with you.


Tip #2 – Rember the objective is to evacuate successfully

We all love action, but Arena Breakout is a realistic shooter. Your character gets only one life, and if you die on the battlefield, you lose all the loot you collected and everything you brought with you, whether that’s your Armour, Container, Weapons or supplies.

Remember that the objective is not to eliminate everyone else on the map. The aim is to raid and evacuate safely within the time limit. So take fights only when it makes sense, especially against other online players, or avoid them and focus on loot. When you have enough, evacuate to secure the valuables.


Tip #3 – Looting guide – Are red zones worth it?

Credits: C4RD_TP_SG

On the map, dangerous situations are marked and highlighted in red. These areas have significantly higher chances of containing high-value items, but, at the same time, you have to face stronger enemies in this area to get your hands on valuable loot.

If you’re already carrying a lot of loot, it’s best to avoid these areas and instead choose to evacuate. But if you just entered the battlefield, you might consider going into these high-yielding areas to collect good loot. It’s also recommended to carry only a few supplies while doing it so if you do get killed, you haven’t lost much.


Tip #4 – Understand the complicated in-game health system

The health system in Arena Breakout is entirely different from any other similar game. When you get into a firefight, you will likely leave with an injury. So it’s essential to learn how to treat yourself.

The body is divided into seven parts: Head, Thorax, Left Arm, Right Arm, Stomach, Right Left and Left leg. Each body part has a separate health value, and the body icon in the top left will change color when you get injured. There are three statuses with different adverse effects:

  • When a body part is damaged and its health value is below max health, it will be displayed in red. You can use a Medkit to treat it.
  • Items or tools cause wounds. When a body part is wounded, you will continue to lose health. It can be treated using a bandage.
  • When the health of the body part reaches zero, it will lead to broken status. You will die if the broken part is the head or chest. Otherwise, the body part will be displayed in black and can be treated using a surgical kit.

There are also other effects caused by damage, such as when your head is damaged, it will affect your vision range, injured arms will affect your search speed, and an injured leg will affect your movement. Also, if damaged body parts continue taking a hit, the damage will spread to other body parts.


Tip #5 – Preparing your Evacuation

To beginners, plan your evacuation at least 10 minutes before the timer runs out. Multiple extraction points are dotted across the map, and some are randomly activated. You can check the active one on the map. Also, remember that each Evacuation point has different requirements that need to be met; only then can you evacuate from that particular point. Again, you can check the conditions through the map.


Tip #6 – Complete Missions to progress

Focus on completing the missions. This is the fastest way to progress and the best way to learn the map and prepare for future action. If you are struggling, you can also choose to switch to Covert Ops mode, where you take fights against bots and not other online players. Another reason to do missions is to make contacts. Making contacts is very helpful as you can get high-quality equipment at low prices from them.

With this, we come to the end of our Arena Breakout guide. Before leaving, don’t forget to check out our best control layouts in Arena Breakout.

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