Arknights has just released Contingency Contract Season 11: Operation Fake Waves

Arknights has just released Contingency Contract Season 11: Operation Fake Waves

Yostar has just released the latest season of Contingency Contracts in the acclaimed strategic mobile RPG, Arknights, which follows the events of Operation Arising. Season 11 has been titled Operation Fake Waves and it comes crashing to the shores with new and challenging missions, outfits, furniture pieces, and headhunting for operators.

Operation Fake Wakes in Arknights will be available between June 23rd and July 7th, with Contract Bounty and Operation Agreement available without the use of any Sanity. The questline includes numerous tasks, stages, and leveling assessments, which grant multiple valuable rewards. In addition, players will also be able to hit Contingency Level 18 pretty simple this time around.


Further, Contingency Contract Season 11 also features an under-construction beachside, with a very drunk Durin roaming around in the area. Players will have to take advantage of the special terrain and make their moves accordingly. Enemies will also scale on the basis of the selected tags.

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The update also makes it easier to obtain certain 6-star operators that are really sought-after – Fartooth, Suzuran, Goldenglow, and Eunectes. On top of that, players can also get their hands on five-star operators such as Kazemaru, Ayerscarpe, Ashlock, Sesa, Sora, and Corroserum. All of them bring something unique to the game so it’s best to go after these characters.

By completing all the missions during Operation Fake Waves, players will earn Contract Bounty, which can be traded in for heaps of prizes. Rewards on offer include Aciddrop’s new costume, Tempest Series-Afternoon Teatime, and the Fake Waves Pennant, a must-have furniture set.

Besides that, regular rewards like High-tier mats, LMD, Furniture Parts, Battle Records, and Chips will also be available. Don’t miss out on the returning outfit for Greyy as well!

Download Arknights now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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