Arknights has released the new Dorothy’s Vision side story event with an official comic tie-in

Arknights has released the new Dorothy's Vision side story event with an official comic tie-in

Yostar has just announced a new side story event for their strategic mobile RPG, Arknights. It has been titled Dorothy’s Vision and it takes place in the Rhine Lab, which is a Colombian research institute and scientific consortium. The update will feature three new operators, outfits, and furniture set alongside the official Rhodes Island Records of Originium – Rhine Lab comic to go with it.

Arknights’ Dorothy’s Vision event will see the titular character, Dorothy, Director of Rhine Lab’s Originium Arts Section perform secret experiments on Colombian Pioneers. Completing all quests except Annihilation and Extreme Mode will unlock the Mysterious Reagent currency, which can be traded in for numerous rewards like Furniture Parts, Battle Records, Recruitment Permits, and Elite Materials.


In addition to this, on clearing the event, players will unlock the new five-star operator, Astgenne. She is a Chain Caster that deals Arts damage and jumps between enemies, causing a Slow debuff. Her second skill makes Astgenne more powerful with a wider Attack Range, allowing her to target two enemies simultaneously.

A couple of other heroes are being added with this update too. Dorothy is a six-star Trapmaster whose effects are triggered by damaging an enemy. Using her third skill, players can place traps which when triggered will deal Arts damage to anyone in range, while slowing them down at the same time.


Finally, we have Greyy the Lightning Bearer. As a five-star Flinger, he deals Physical damage twice in a small area. He can also hurl a lightning ball at enemies, that once again does Arts damage and slows them down. Don’t forget to check out the new items in the store as well. There’s the awesome new Coral Coast Collection and the Rhine Lab Experimental Culture Pod Furniture set among loads of other stuff.

Dorothy’s Vision will be available until March 28th. Play it by downloading Arknights now for free.

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