Artery Gear: Fusion tier list and a reroll manual

Artery Gear: Fusion tier list and a reroll manual

As with its recent peers, Artery Gear Fusion presents newbies with an opportunity to reroll for a roster of desired characters, either by design or strength to catapult players to begin on a smooth sailing journey. Fret not, we will present a solution for dedicated players to end their dilemma.

Tapping on the “recruit” icon, players will be greeted by a dazzling “infinite reroll” banner, allowing them to attempt their luck endlessly within a finger’s reach, which is much appreciated from a player’s perspective. Players should aim for:

Highest priority characters:

  • Ginga (5 star) – Absolutely vital for players to progress through high end difficulty bosses with the Red element as her skillset is the bane of their existence, goes well with Suriel
  • Suriel (5 star) – Deadly team combination with Ginga to tackle the hardest PvE content
  • Ruri (4 star) – A must have as the release of future units will make her a staple in a PvP team. Her forte is her ability to negate any elemental disadvantage and an extra turn to move
  • Roko (3-star) – Her corrosion skill melts dents in an instant, like acid dissolving organic matter
  • Kanna (3-star) – Her valuable niche is to stall enemies by adding one additional skill cooldown to them. Comes in handy during tough battles but otherwise falls off
  • Timy (3-star) – PvP only character and the newest star as she determines which team goes first, however, she will get power creeped in the future

However, one thing to note, the infinite banner DOES NOT contain Sirius and Alice, the highest reroll priority (for 5-star and 4-star character, respectively) that can seriously carry every newbie well into the late game content. Some players might fancy trying their luck at rerolling for seasonal banner characters, such as the ongoing Syurga banner. The caveat, however, is that rerolling this way is arduous. There are a few ways to do it.

Alt Account reroll method

The traditional tried-and-tested method. This process involves the player creating multiple dummy gmail accounts, signing up and creating multiple in-game accounts. Hover over to the settings section to logout and start over with another dummy gmail account until you obtain the desired units.


Backup reroll method

The easiest and no-brainer strategy to bypass the hassle of downloading the enormous chunk of 4GB again. This is one method I love to use for many games. However, you might need another device to backup all the vital artery gear assets. However, it depends on the type of device you’re playing on, some without root or any modifications allow you to access the game files, while some do not.

  • Once all the files are downloaded, close the game and go over to File Manager on your device
  • Follow the directory and frisk: Android/data/com.bilibilien.artergygear
  • Create a backup by copying the game files into another device such as a laptop. Do note, the data transfer speed can be quite slow. Alternatively, you could duplicate the folder on your phone and rename it. Remember to leave the original game files unaltered. For clarity, we will call it “the first files”.
  • Login to the game as usual, sign in through a guest account as all data pertaining guest account is stored on the client side
  • If you didn’t acquire the desired lineup, force the game to stop and erase the “the first files”
  • This is the step where your duplicate files come in handy. Rename it back to com.bilibilien.artergygear
  • Boot the app again and you’ll be greeted by a new guest account sign-in

Cloning reroll method (no-root)

This is achieved using emulators such as NoxPlayer, which comes with a Multi Instance manager that makes life easier. Technically, the number of instances that can appear on screen simultaneously is infinite and is only limited by your device’s performance

  • Players can also opt to root their emulators to save time (All credits goes to YouTube user Halcyon#0001 for all the quirky magic)
  • Download an emulator
  • Install the game and its files on the selected emulator
  • After the main page loads you are greeted with a rather cyberpunk-ish home screen, don’t log into anything, just exit the game and the emulator altogether
  • Next, boot up the multi-instance manager, by default there’s only one “instance” in the list, create a duplicate instance. Keep the first “instance” untouched and reroll using the newly generated instances

Again, credits goes to Youtube user Halcyon for figuring out a much more time-efficient method by rooting the emulator and deleting the shared_pref folder through the software’s file manager

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