Asym Altered Axis Mixes Genres to Offer a Thrilling New Experience on PC With Demo Available During Stealth Fest

Asym Altered Axis Mixes Genres to Offer a Thrilling New Experience on PC With Demo Available During Stealth Fest

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Asym Altered Axis is about cells. It’s about the efforts some people will make to claim more of them and the actions others will take to ensure the resource doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The game’s best feature, though, is the way it is about all of those things at once.

Developed by MIXI, Asym Altered Axis is an ambitious PC title that once again combines diverse elements to produce a fresh new experience. The polished package seamlessly blends base building, stealth, shooting, and RTS gameplay to entertain six players. There’s something new to see in every game.

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In the beginning, one player creates a base. It need not be overly complex. It may comprise a few towers and traps, dropped into place using an intuitive interface. The various structures contain cells, a precious resource everyone wants.

Once the base is up and running, a team of Infiltrators gets to work. Their goal is to steal the nexus, which requires them to find caches and leave the area without getting killed. Shadows cloak much of their activity, just the way they like it.

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Picture: MIXI

The player who created the base, known as the Protector, isn’t finished. Their new job is to light up the landscape, which they do by floating over the arena and unleashing dazzling projectiles. If they find those daring Infiltrators, they can eliminate them and gain the resources necessary to further enhance the base. But the Infiltrators aren’t defenseless; they’ll counter with attacks that temporarily put the Protector out of commission and allow the bold heist to resume.

When players get together online to play a game, they might all have different ideas about the sort of experience they want. Asym Altered Axis stops any debate before it starts. It caters to players with diverse interests, providing limitless variety to keep them coming back for more.

An available demo already offers a thrilling first look, with the full experience offered throughout the Steam Stealth Fest from July 24 – July 31, 2023. Players ready to enjoy something new shouldn’t miss the chance to put in some serious time with the multi-genre wonder.

– This article was updated on July 20th, 2023

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