Avatar Generations releases first expansion with new characters and the highly anticipated PvP mode

Avatar Generations releases first expansion with new characters and the highly anticipated PvP mode

After a power-packed launch last month, Crystal Dynamics Eidos Entertainment has already got the first expansion ready for its mobile RPG, Avatar Generations. The game is based on the iconic Nickelodeon series, Avatar: The Last Airbender and features turn-based action as players explore the war between the four nations with their favorite characters.

Avatar Generations’ latest expansion introduces the Earth Kingdom of Omashu and its king, Bumi, who is a powerful Earthbender, and childhood friend of Aang. He joins the game’s ever-expanding roster featuring beloved heroes, enemies, and loads of support characters. Other inclusions are Flopsie, Captain Boqin, and probably the most iconic part of the series, the one and only Cabbage Merchant!

In addition to this, the update also adds the much-awaited PvP mode, which puts online players against each other. It takes place in the classic Earth Rumble Arena, where players can challenge other top teams from all over the world. Leaderboards will also be maintained to showcase the best of the bunch.


Speaking about the upcoming content, Will Moore, CEO of Navigator Games, said: “Our fast-growing community is already playing with their favorite characters and exploring every inch of the Four Nations. We are now thrilled to be adding Player vs Player (PvP), allowing players to test their team-building skills against rivals on the competitive leaderboard. We are also introducing fan-favourite, King Bumi, the eccentric Earthbending master, with a unique challenge in the Bumi Boss Battle. This is a great chance to settle the age-old question, who is the strongest Earthbender once and for all!”

Avatar Generations sees players build a team of their favorite characters with customizable formations and squad combos. They will explore the vast world of the Four Nations that are engaged in battle with each other as the Fire Nation grows stronger. Future updates will also be introducing new Avatars from different generations.

Fight your friends in the new PvP mode by downloading Avatar Generations now for free.

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