Avowed Gameplay Shows Obsidian’s Take on Elder Scrolls

Avowed Gameplay Shows Obsidian's Take on Elder Scrolls
Picture: Obsidian

Avowed gameplay shows Obsidian’s take on Elder Scrolls and why the wait was worth it. Obsidian recently announced a new action RPG called Avowed at Xbox’s 2021 Games Show. The game has been cloaked in mystery for the past two years and is rumored to be one of Xbox’s most anticipated exclusives following Starfield. It has now been confirmed as a major highlight of Xbox’s 2024 lineup. A gameplay trailer was presented at the Xbox Games Showcase, offering a closer look at the game than before. Here’s what we can expect from Avowed!

What is Avowed?

Picture: Obsidian

At long last, the highly anticipated Obsidian RPG Avowed was revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase, years after its initial teaser by Xbox. The trailer provided a captivating mix of cinematics and gameplay, presenting a fantastical realm teeming with beasts, conflicting factions, and an atmosphere reminiscent of Skyrim. Notably, the trailer also disclosed an estimated release date for Avowed, slated for 2024.

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The official trailer, now available on YouTube, gives us a window into what we can expect from Avowed. Join an adventurous and perilous expedition to the Living Lands, a mysterious island brimming with secrets and dangers. As an ambassador of Aedyr, your task is to investigate the rumors of a deadly plague with a horrifying secret that could potentially destroy everything in its wake. Can you ensure the safety of the island and protect yourself from the looming threats that lie ahead?

Even more exciting news is that the official Avowed page shows that it will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one. It also appears that Avowed will be available to play on PC, via Steam, for those who do not have the latest-generation console. This is great to hear, as Avowed is the perfect game for the Steam Deck.

Here is the official trailer for Avowed that premiered on Xbox Games Showcase:

– This article was updated on June 12th, 2023

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