Awesome Zelda Website Lets Players Share Their Tears of the Kingdom Creations

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Legend of Zelda

A creative website to showcase your Zelda creations.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom builds on Breath of the Wild in every conceivable way, with its new ‘fusing’ system at the heart of player freedom and allowing them to build innovative and eclectic creations.

We’ve already seen players produce bizarre and epic creations – from a medieval torture device to exact revenge on the Koroks to a flying war machine straight out of Apocalypse Now.

Now, one dedicated player has revealed their brand new website that’s specifically designed to allow Zelda players to share their creations from Tears of the Kingdom. The website features players’ designs prominently, with each possessing a list of the items needed to replicate the build in game.

The creator, sharing their website to Reddit, said: “I made a website where you can post the materials for your creations. You can also favorite and save other’s creations”.

It quickly amassed praise and upvotes on the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit, with other players grateful for the time taken to make such a useful community tool.

The sheer amount of consumables, items and fusing possibilities make building contraptions incredibly fun – but it may also be overwhelming for some newer players (or veterans who can’t quite come to terms with the sea of ​​options).

The website, called ZeldaBuilds, allows players to share an image of their creations alongside the exact recipe to make it. From Attack Helicopters to Korok Cannons, there’s already a number of awesome community designs on the site.

One Redditor summarized it aptly: “I hope this catches on. Genius idea, especially for smooth brains like me who can barely string together a working cart.”

Armed with the knowledge the website brings, drop back into Hyrule Kingdom and build something epic.

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