BattleBit Remastered: All vehicle spawn times

Battlebit Remastered All Vehicle Spawn Times Featured Image(1)
Battlebit Remastered All Vehicle Spawn Times Featured Image(1)

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One of my favorite aspects of BattleBit: Remastered is the vehicles. In the right hands, they can cause total mayhem and be a nuisance for the enemy team. If you’ve played Battlefield, a lot of the same qualities are present in the polygon shooter. One of them is the spawn time, this makes gameplay balanced since you’ll have to wait for some time in order to use them. If the vehicles were available on demand, the match would get lopsided very quickly. By waiting, each fight can be done. This guide will go through the spawn times for all vehicles in BattleBit: Remastered. This way, you can be a problem for the enemy team.

BattleBit: Remastered: All vehicle spawn times

When I first started playing BattleBit: Remastered I began to notice some of the ground-based vehicles seem to spawn more often. For the air-based vehicles, most if not all took a longer time to spawn. This could be attributed to making sure the enemy team doesn’t get overwhelmed by air attacks. For example, one of the strongest helicopters in the game has random spawn times. However, after scouring the web I’ve figured out the average time for each vehicle in the game. Note, based on the map you’re playing, these times may be altered by a few seconds or minutes.

  • M1A1/T-90 – Six minutes
  • BTR/LAV – Four minutes
  • Humvee/Gas Tiger – One minute
  • Humvee/ Gas Tiger – Two minutes
  • Humvee/ 7M – Two minutes
  • Littlebird transport/Police – Three minutes
  • Littlebird gunship – Four minutes and 40 seconds
  • Black Hawk/Ka-60 – Two minutes and 40 seconds

While these times aren’t confirmed, it’s a good reference point to use. If you want to beat the other players in getting into a vehicle, you can always spawn in them. On top of that, be on the larger match sizes. Meaning, play on 64 v 64 and the massive 127 v 127 modes. You’ll have a higher chance of getting into a vehicle you want.

Additionally, it also seems like using Squad Points can also help spawn vehicles. Just make sure you have enough.

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