Beasts Starter Cassette Monsters: Sweet or Spooky?

Beasts Starter Cassette Monsters: Sweet or Spooky?

At the very beginning of Tape Beasts, you’ll be asked whether you like Sweet or Spooky. This seemingly harmless question has a massive impact on the game as it determines which starter monster tape Kayleigh will give you. Here’s what you should know before answering her question when you pick your Cassette Beasts Starter Monsters.

Once you get the basics of starters, check out our guide on the best early game monsters and partners, as well as guides on how to access your tape storage, and what to know about bootleg monsters.

Beasts starter monster remasters tape
Starter monsters in Tape Beasts can be remastered several times.

How Starter Tapes Work in Tape Beasts

Before you encounter any monsters, Ranger Kayleigh will give you a starter monster tape to transform into. This monster tape can be remastered twice, but there are actually two different forms it can take.

These forms are decided by you once the tape is ready to be remastered. So, while there are only two different options when it comes to basic starter monster tapes, there are technically four results that could come from it.

The game doesn’t show you what the results are at the time though just like it doesn’t show you the differing results from the first question, either. However, it does show you the sticker for each monster tape at the top of the screen when you’re hovering over each option. The other stickers around the options have to do with the various routes the monsters’ remasters can take, but this doesn’t really tell you much about how each option plays or what the monsters look like.

Cassette Beasts sweet starter monster
Candevil looks just as sour as it does sweet.

Tape Beasts Sweet Starter Monster Tape

If you choose sweet, then you’ll be given a Candevil. Candevil is a Poison creature that’s focused on tricking the enemy and giving them debuffs. This strategy pairs well with tanky units or those that can deal other, more reliable, debuffs.

While it’s not exactly consistent, it’s a fun way to enjoy the game. It also never let me down through my first run of the game, and it kept combat interesting every time I had to battle through an area.

Spooky monster starter Cassette Beasts
Bansheep is as cute as it is spooky.

Tape Beasts Spooky Starter Monster Tape

If you go the spooky route, you’ll receive a Bansheep. This adorable floating sheep is another great companion to have that also focuses on debuffing enemies, specifically their accuracy. After all, if the enemy can’t hit you, then it’s pretty easy to take them down.

extra starter monsters Cassette Beasts
Finding the opposite starter monster is easy, but expensive.

How to Get the Opposite Starter Monster Tape

Don’t worry – there is a way to get the opposite starter monster tape. It takes a bit of time, but after becoming a full-fledged captain, you get access to the notice board. This requires you to battle all eight Ranger Captains around the map and then battle Ianthe herself (which is nothing to scoff at). The first time you check it, you’ll already have a completed mission to turn into Ianthe.

Do that, and you’ll get access to more options from Wilma at the Ranger shops. Two of the new options are a Candevil Tape and a Bansheep Tape. From there, you can unlock the monster remasters that you didn’t have before along with the other starter.

Despite being a bit different from each other, both Candevil and Bansheep are great monsters that will take you far in Tape Beasts. For more helpful guides, check out the ones below.

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