Best Classes in Diablo 4

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As the Open Beta for Diablo 4 winds down, Blizzard Entertainment has given us a brief taste of what each class offers. Whether you like the powerful attacks of the Barbarian or the Sorcerer’s creative abilities, all classes in Diablo 4 may impact how hard or easy the game can be. Since all classes are available in the Open Beta, here are the best classes in Diablo 4 in a tier list.

Diablo 4: Best Classes – Tier List

To help break down the power level of the classes, this tier list is broken down from worst to best. However, there’s no definitive answer for the best classes in Diablo 4 since everyone has their own play style and preferences. The list should give you a general outline and may help you pick a class for when the full release of Diablo 4 launches this summer.

Best classes, ranked in Diablo 4

B-tier class

Red: If you like being a little more dangerous and spontaneous, the Rouge class could be for you. This comes from running two types of build templates with this class: ranged, with impeccable offensive capabilities, and melee with reliable AOE attacks. The one thing you may notice is that there’s really no focus on the defensive. So if you play the Red, fighting at range, or doing quick close-up attacks could be your best bet.

Red Standing

Image via Blizzard

A-tier class

Sorcerer: This class could feel unique, mainly of how versatile you can be with the Sorcerer. From the limited time I had playing one, the Sorcerer can be that additional power to compliment a Barbarian. In Diablo 4 this class can act as a tank, and with the added benefits of its high-damage output solo running Sorcerers can be possible.

Diablo 4 Sorecere Standing

Image via Blizzard

Barbarian: Playing as heavy a tank can make you feel powerful, although in Diablo 4 there may be some compromises in order to do that. First, the good news. Barbarians can help with an attack since bleed damage leaves a lasting impact. However, the bad news is that with this class is the fights are centered around this character. So while the Barbarian can take a good amount of hits, there’s no counterbalance for that.

Diablo 4 Barb Standing In A Tent

Image via Blizzard

S-tier class

Druid: Picking this class could give you many options with how you play, as long as mobility isn’t an issue for you. Attacks are mostly around elemental abilities such as attacks based on wind, which can knock down many enemies at once. Being able to shape-shift is unique to the Druid, you can change into a bear or a wolf. We should expect more forms when the full game releases.

Diablo 4 Druid Near A Campfire

Image via Blizzard

Necromancer: This is my personal favourite, mainly because you could potentially make your army of the undead do all the work. But, if you choose to play without help, you can potentially still be an asset. You can draw life from your enemies, or make corpses explode, offering true crowd control. If you play Diablo 3 you may remember that this class is available in a DLC. For Diablo 4you can expect it to be a part of the base game.

Diablo 4 Necro With Its Skeleton Mages

Image via Blizzard

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