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In the Marvel Universe, the Orchis Forge is a space station build by the Orchis. In marvel snap, the Orchis Forge is a location that alters the way you play a match. After you play a card at the Orchis Forge, a Sentinel is added to your hand. A Sentinel is a 2-cost, 3-power card with that adds a copy to your hand when played out. This location and the card it gives you aims to fill players’ hands, preventing them from drawing more useful cards from their deck. However, there are some decks that can take advantage of this effect. Here are some of the best Marvel Snap decks for the Orchis Forge.

Best marvel snap Decks for Orchis Forge

Moon Girl Devil Dinosaur Deck:

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A combo as old as marvel snap itself, Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl are a powerful combination of cards to take advantage of the Orchis Forge. Devil Dinosaur gains 2 power for each card in your hand, easily having 10+ power at the end of the game. Moon Girl duplicates your hand, usually doubling the power that Devil Dinosaur has. Having Sentinels in hand because of Orchis Forge is beneficial to us, as it increases the power that Devil Dino has and the cards that Moon Girl can duplicate.

We have other cards in the deck to support this strategy. Maria Hill and Agent Culson add random cards to our hand, buffing Devil Dinosaur and giving us more options for cards we can play. White Queen gives us a copy of the most expensive card in the opponent’s hand, giving us yet another card and invaluable information on the opponent’s deck. These cards are discounted by 1 energy, thanks to Quinjet.

Zabu and Mystique add further synergy to the deck. Zabu discounts the various 4-cost cards in this deck by 1 energy, while Mystique copies Ongoing effects such as that of Zabu or Devil Dinosaur.

This deck is rounded out with some key disruption tools. Korg is a 1-cost card that shuffles a Rock into the opponent’s deck, while Shang-Chi destroys opposing cards that have 9+ power. Finally, Aero lets us move enemy cards where we wish, and Black Widow adds a Widow’s Bite to the opponent’s hand. The Widow’s Bite prevents the opponent from drawing until it is played at a location.

Rock Slide Darkhawk Deck

Best Marvel Snap Decks Orchis Forge 2

Another powerful combo in marvel snap is Rock Slide and Darkhawk. Darkhawk is a 4-cost, 0-power card that gains 2 power for each card in the opponent’s deck. Rock Slide shuffles two Rocks into the opponent’s deck, automatically granting Darkhawk 4 power. This two-card combo is complimented by Zabu, who discounts both these cards by 1 energy. Absorbing Man is another synergy card, as he can copy Rock Slide or another On Reveal card’s effect.

The rest of this deck is full of disruption tools and generally good cards. Lizard provides 5-power for a measly 2-energy, while Sera discounts all the cards in our hand by 1. Scarlet Witch can replace an undesirable location, and Polaris can move an opposing 1- or 2-cost card to her location.

Shang-Chi and Killmonger let us remove high-power cards as well as 1-cost ones. As a bonus, Killmonger can destroy our Nova, giving our entire board 1 extra power. As usual, Aero lets us move opposing cards where we want during the last turns of the game, letting us dictate our opponent’s plays.

This deck is great for the Orchis Forge, as it will be difficult for the opponent to draw cards with Sentinels in hand. Having more cards in the deck buffs our Darkhawk and makes the Rocks shuffled in by Rock Slide more potent.

Ronan Master Mold Deck

Best Marvel Snap Decks Orchis Forge 3

Ronan has never been amazing in Marvel Snap, but this has changed thanks to his new friend Master Mold. As a 5-cost, 3-power card, Ronan gains two power for each card in the opponent’s hand. Master Mold adds two Sentinels to the opponent’s hand, granting Ronan four power. These Sentinels replace themselves in the opponent’s hand, so the opponent can’t get rid of them.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are part of this deck to take advantage of our large hand size. To compliment Ronan and Master Mold, the deck plays Baron Mordo and Maximus, both of which draw cards for our opponent, buffing our Ronan.

If the opponent already has 7 cards in hand, they will not be able to draw any more cards. Since Baron Mordo makes the cards he draws cost 6-energy, and Maximus draws our opponent two cards, their hand will almost always be full.

Iceman makes a card in the opponent’s hand cost 1 more energy, while Scorpion reduces the power of all cards in the opponent’s hand. Sunspot provides a way to soak up energy if we do not use all of it. Armor and Cosmo protect our Devil Dinosaur and Ronan from being destroyed while potentially disrupting our opponent’s strategy.

Doctor Doom is included as a great 6-cost finisher, as he adds 5-power to every location. Orchis Forge supplements this deck by adding additional Sentinels into our opponent’s hand, making Ronan a reliable win condition.

These decks include some of the strategies that take advantage of the Orchis Forge. Consider how else a large hand size can be beneficial to your deck in order to make the most of the Orchis Forge.

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