Best locations to farm Gallowvine in Diablo 4

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For Season 1 of Diablo 4, there are a lot of new things that have come packed in. Along with a new story, and new meta, there are more ways to farm resources for all sorts of this. This guide will show you the best locations to farm Gallowvine in Diablo 4. Now, you may find herbs all over, however, Gallowvine seems to be significantly rare. Follow along to find the best areas to gather this elusive plant.

Diablo 4: Best locations to farm Gallowvine

It’s important knowing how to do this early on because the first quest of the Season Journey requires you to collect 15 Gallowvine herbs. Currently, there are two locations where this herb will show up. They are:

  • Fractured Peaks
  • Dry Steppes
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Basically, look for dry or mountainous areasthis is where Gallowvine may be.

They can also be dropped by enemies you slaw, so you could run these plants very quickly. However, it also seems exploration is a good option as well. Additionally, you can craft the herb yourself at any Alchemist located in any major city. So there are a few other ways going to those areas above.

What’s the purpose of Gallowvine?

Like all plants, Gallowvine can be used to create several important potions.

They are:

  • Assault Elixer
  • Iron Barb Elixer
  • Acrobatic Elixer
  • Precision Elixer
  • Resistance Elixers for status debuffs

Just like crafting the plant itself, you can craft these Elixrs in any major city from the Alchemist. If you level up this NPC, you can get stronger more potent potions.

Elixers are great for many reasons, they can make your build even better and allow you to have advantages. I often do forget to use and stock up on them, but when I utilize any elixir, many of the dungeons become easy to go through.

Plus on hardcore mode, I’ve noticed how important these potions are. They can be the big difference between life and death.

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