Best Shikai in Type Soul

Type Soul Shikai Tier List

Soul-Type has 11 different Shikai in the game and all of them have their uses. There are a handful of Shikai that are better than others, and in this guide, I’ll rank every Shikai in Soul-Type so you can determine which ones are the best and why. Let’s go!

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How to get Shikai in Soul-Type

To get a Shikai in Soul-Typeyou need to be a Soul Reaper. You can’t get or use Shikai as a Hollow.

Next, you need to reach Grade Level 2 by completing missions and defeating enemies. Then you need to complete 30 sets of meditation which takes about 90 minutes in total. Upon your fourth meditation, you’ll face your Shikai in a duel.

I recommend not getting any moves until after you fight your Shikai. If you get moves before, your Shikai that you need to fight will also have those moves which will make the fight a lot harder. Also, you can easily beat your Shikai by keeping your distance using your Shadow Step dash and attacking after the Shikai swings and misses.

With your Shikai defeated, you’ll unlock your Shikai and be able to use it by pressing J when your sword is drawn.

All Shikai in Soul-Typeranked

All Shikai In Type Soul Ranked

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The 11 Shikai in Souls-Type are Confusion, Berserk, Ice, Creation, Wind, Shadow, Lightning, Blood, Fire, Water, and Ink. Each Shikai plays a bit differently and has different moves. Based on the overall damage, moves, and viability of each Shikai, here are the best Shikai in Souls-Type in tier list form.

S-tier Shikai – Soul-Type

Blood is the best Shikai in Soul-Type because it has insanely powerful moves that heal you at the expense of hurting yourself. If you miss your attack, you’ll lose health, but if you land it, you’ll gain health. Blood Shikai takes a lot of skill to master, but it is the best.

Ice is an S-tier Shikai that is great for defense and offense. Unlike Blood, there is no major skill requirement for Ice — it’s a great Shikai for every level of player.

Ink is the final S-tier Shikai because it’s the only Shikai that allows you to disable enemies from using their moves. You can also slow enemies and close big gaps during fights with Ink.

A-tier Shikai – Soul-Type

Berserk is the first A-tier Shikai because it is powerful, but not as broken as the S-tier Shikai. Berserk allows you to speed up your attackshas a good AoE attack, and can provide healing and defense.

Fire is an excellent Shikai in Soul-Type that applies burn to your target. The Fire Shikai moves are strong as is, but being able to apply ticking burn damage to your opponents is a useful bonus.

B-tier Shikai – Soul-Type

  • Shadow
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Confusion

While Shadow looks the coolest in my opinion, it is a B-tier Shikai because the moves take too long to execute. While you can auto-execute your enemies if you’re good with Shadow, it is a challenging Shikai that fails to compete with the higher tiers.

Water is a solid Shikai that provides mobility and the ability to steal Reiatsu from your opponents. While Water Shikai moves don’t deal as much damage as the S-tier and A-tier Shikai, it is a fun Shikai to use.

Wind is a decent Shikai that is held back by having moves that have too high of requirements. To use the ultimate, you need to successfully land Wind Crown or Wind Prison which can be hard to do. Plus, the damage isn’t that great.

I think Confusion is the hardest Shikai to use in Soul-Type. While it is a powerful Shikai when used right, the abilities focus too heavily on confusing your enemy instead of dealing direct damage.

C-tier Shikai – Soul-Type

While Lightning is the best movement Shikai in Soul-Typeit’s not as effective in combat. Lightning moves are best used to chase your enemy down which is rare.

Creation is the worst Shikai in Souls-type because the moves take too much mastery to be good. Instead of putting mastery into a Shikai that has powerful moves like Blood, Creation takes time to master and doesn’t ever fully deliver as a good DPS option.

Now that you know the order of the best Shikai in Soul-Typeyou can look into becoming an Arrancar.

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