Best Suit for Each Class in Exoprimal

Deadeye Assault Suit

Once you have gone through Exoprimal’s tutorial, you get access to several exosuits, but it’s not immediately clear what the difference is between them. It’s not always worth jumping into a new game with an unfamiliar suit and wasting time trying to figure things out. Therefore, we have tested the suits and drawn conclusions on the best suits in Exoprimal, depending on what class you want to play.

These picks are only between suits immediately available to all players. As unlocking Vigilant, Murasame, and Nimbus requires that players either pay or make decent leveling progress, they are excluded from consideration.

Best Assault Suit

As you might expect in Exoprimal, Assault exosuits are your main attackers. None of the others have the same maneuverability or damage-dealing capabilities. However, the definitive best choice here depends entirely on your personal playstyle.

The best shooter of them all is Deadeye. It’s hard to beat the equipped rifle regarding range and damage. The Cluster Salvo Overdrive ability is perfect for crowd control, and it feels like it provides more sustained damage than any other suit’s Overdrive. The Rifle Grenade is also a great quick-use damage dealer for all threats.

Deadeye Assault Suit
Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite

Though, if shooting isn’t your bag, the melee suit Zephyr is an excellent choice. Armed with quick attacks, this suit is great for cutting through the weakest dinosaurs. While Deadeye is good at solid footwork, Zephyr is all about being quick. Every skill in its arsenal is a quick attack or dash to help you close the distance to enemies. The only complaint to Zepyhr is the Overdrive ability Limiter Override isn’t entirely for dealing damage but increases attack speed and reduces cooldowns.

Zephyr Assault Suit
Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite

Best Tank Suit

Tanks are all about protecting the assault suits as they do their business, but it doesn’t have to all be about defense. For that reason, the best tank in the game is Krieger, due mainly because you get an awesome minigun. As this isn’t assault, you’re not doing crazy amounts of damage, but you can get much closer to enemies than the more fragile suits. The Todesregen Overdrive gives you a decent explosive bombardment radius to deal with.

Krieger Tank Suit
Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite

While Krieger doesn’t carry the same defensive capabilities as Roadblock, the added offensive options balance it nicely. Plus, the Dome Shield ability provides a quick escape from a swarm of little dinos and will stun larger ones.

Best Support Suit

Support suits are entirely about healing others and possess either zero or limited damage abilities. For this reason, they aren’t the toughest, and losing them even for a moment could mean defeat. Skywave is the best choice out of the support suit selection to avoid this.

Skywave Support Suit
Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite

Skywave earns the name because the Slipstream ability allows the suit to fly into the air and slowly float down. This elevation advantage means Skywave will be entirely out of danger with most enemies and still able to rain down healing from above. This suit is also much better with enemy disruption, employing a gravity cluster singularity attack as well as a dome that entirely stops all enemy movement.

This will hopefully help you reduce the downtime of choosing your new favorite Exoprimal follows. For more Exoprimal guides, be sure to check out our links below.

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