Best units to use Emblem Chrom & Robin with in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Chrom

Fire Emblem Engage has received a bevy of DLC in its post-launch roadmap. This includes four waves of DLC, one of which is a new story. Waves 1-3 of the DLC bring various items to the game, and more importantly, new Emblems for you to use in combat. Emblems Chrom & Robin, who are from Fire Emblem Awakening on the 3DS, came as a single package in Wave 3 of the DLC. Here’s our guide on the best units to use Emblem Chrom & Robin with in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best units to use Emblem Chrom & Robin with in Fire Emblem Engage

Mage Knights

Mage Knights are units in Fire Emblem Engage who can use both swords and tomes. This is why they’re pretty good to p[airwithChrom/RobinSpecializingintheweaponsyoureceivefromusingtheseEmblemsisalegupincomparisontootherunitsbecausenotmanyspecializeinMagicandPhysicalAttack[airwithChrom/RobinSpecializingintheweaponsyoureceivefromusingtheseEmblemsisalegupincomparisontootherunitsbecausenotmanyspecializeinMagicandPhysicalAttack

Fogado/Bow users

While other bow users could deserve a slot here, we think Fogado suits Emblem Chrom & Robin the best. This is due to the chance that Fogado’s Magic stat can be higher than other bow units, making the Tomes you get from using Chrom & Robin worthwhile.

Bow users in general are great to use with this Emblem bracelet because of the buffs to Speed/Dexterity that Chrom & Robin provide. There’s also the added skill that Chrom & Robin have called ‘Surprise Attack,’ which allows units to not be counterattacked if they initiate combat from a +Avo terrain. This makes units like Etie, who gains extra Avo thanks to being a Covert unit, also usable. Surprise Attack is also an inheritable skill, so you can use it on units without needing to have Chrom & Robin attached to them.

Fire Emblem Engage Chrom Best Units

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Dragon units

Dragon units are also very usable with Chrom & Robin in Fire Emblem Engage. This is due to the Engage skill and attack changes for Dragon units. Emblem Chrom & Robin’s Engage skill ‘Other Half,’ which allows Robin to chain attack if the user initiates combat, increases to chain attacks to two if the user is a Dragon unit. Chrom & Robin’s Engage attack on the other hand, ‘Giga Levin Sword,’ deals extra damage equal to half of the user’s strength if they’re a Dragon unit.

Best skills to inherit from Emblem Chrom & Robin in Fire Emblem Engage

Some of the best skills to inherit have been mentioned, such as the Spd/Dex buffs, and Surprise Attack, but there are more too. For a unit that deals critical damage often, ‘Brute Force’ can be a good option. This skill allows the critical hits of the user to deal increased damage, which is always nice to have.

Another skill that’s a good investment from Emblem Chrom & Robin is ‘Rally Spectrum’ and its upgraded version. This skill allows you to grant adjacent allies +3 to all seven basic stats for one turn. This is a great buff skill which you can use very efficiently if you line up units correctly.

Fire Emblem Engage is available from the Nintendo Store.

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