Best Valheim house ideas and designs

Best Valheim house ideas and designs

With the boundless ideas and possibilities of how a Nordic adventurer can build their home in Valheim, deciding on an ideal design for one’s abode can be challenging. After all, everyone will have a different perspective on what meets perfection in their eyes. To assist you in your building and renovating endeavors, we have devised ten of the best house ideas and designs to make your exile in Valheim more engaging.

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What is the best house design in Valheim

Spire Vacation House in Valheim
Screenshot by Gamepur

Just like our top-ten best house ideas listed below, any “best design” for a Valheim home is entirely subjective. Accordingly, our recommendations should not be seen as definitive tutorials or concepts of superior value. Instead, we encourage you to view our best designs as inspiration or a push in the right direction to creating your dream home in Valheim. The ideas we provided are all solo-friendly, offer some sort of gameplay practicality, and can be constructed within 35 to 70 minutes, depending on your available building materials. Without further ado, here are the best house designs for Valheim in alphabetical order.

Alchemist’s Shack in Valheim

The Alchemist's Shack in Valheim Exterior
Screenshot by Gamepur

Our first home recommendation is the Alchemist’s Shack, which should be constructed with enough space to fit the Eitr Refinery in Valheim. The home’s design is up to personal preference, but the main appeal of our Alchemist’s Shack is its specific location.

The Alchemist's Shack in Valheim Interior
Screenshot by Gamepur

We built it directly on the border between the Mistlands and the Plains. As a result, our alchemy garden grows Magecaps and Jotun Puffs on one side while Carrots, Flax, and other standard crops can grow on the other half. Remember to place down several Wisp Torches to perpetually clear away the mist.

Elevated Ranch in Valheim

The Elevated Ranch in Valheim Exterior
Screenshot by Gamepur

Next is the Elevated Ranch, a home built above the pens where you house your domesticated animals, like Hens or Boars. Of course, make sure the creatures are separated to prevent them from killing each other.

The Elevated Ranch in Valheim Interior
Screenshot by Gamepur

The concept of this home is having easy access to your livestock without the need to walk too far from your bed. You can connect the pens with mini-overpasses and place workstations, storage containers, and other facilities beneath your elevated home.

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Greenhorn Hut in Valheim

The Greenhorn Hut in Valheim Exterior
Screenshot by Gamepur

As its name implies, the Greenhorn Hut is a house primarily practical for those in the early game, but it can also be useful in the mid to late game as a temporary camp. It’s built in a round, circular shape, with a fireplace as its tailpiece.

The Greenhorn Hut in Valheim Interior
Screenshot by Gamepur

The space inside this hut might seem small, but you can put more than enough workstations and storage chests inside to maintain your progress until the mid-game. If you want to expand, consider making the ceiling one story higher.

Hoarder’s Vault in Valheim

The Hoarder's Vault in Valheim Exterior
Screenshot by Gamepur

If you enjoy collecting coins, rubies, and other shiny valuables during your journey in Valheim, consider constructing a Hoarder’s Vault. In this underground sanctuary, you can safely store all your rarities. The goal when creating this design is to mine your way beneath a large rock, preferably near a slope or mountain cliff.

The Hoarder's Vault in Valheim Interior
Screenshot by Gamepur

Continue mining until you hit bedrock, after which you can start constructing the tunnels using stone or wood. Due to the limited, cramped space of this home, we advise against building any interior sources of fire to prevent too much smoke.

Inner Courtyard in Valheim

The Inner Courtyard in Valheim Exterior
Screenshot by Gamepur

Our Inner Courtyard home in Valheim is based on the “siheyuan,” a type of home commonly seen in ancient China. This house has a spacious, uncovered courtyard at its center, with rectangular housed rooms surrounding it. To increase comfort, we filled the empty center with a Hearth.

The Inner Courtyard in Valheim Interior
Screenshot by Gamepur

While something like the Eitr Refinery will not fit beneath our one-story roof, you can innovate on our design by adding more tile space or a higher roof to comfortably accommodate your storage and facilities.

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Mistlands’ Rise in Valheim

The Mistlands' Rise in Valheim Exterior
Screenshot by Gamepur

Our next best house design idea in Valheim is the Mistlands’ Rise, a house building above the cloudy mists of the fog-covered biome. With the lofty jutting peaks as a foundation, this house’s elevation is high enough to be safe from both Seekers and Gjalls wandering the perilous wilderness below.

The Mistlands' Rise in Valheim Interior
Screenshot by Gamepur

We recommend leaving some of the ridge’s rock exposed so you can build a Hearth or campfire. If you are skilled in creating scaffolding, you can create multiple layers for the Mistlands’ Rise home to hold all your base’s facilities.

Mountain Abode in Valheim

The Mountain Abode in Valheim Exterior
Screenshot by Gamepur

If you are a Dwarf lover who appreciates mottos like “Strike the Earth” or “Rock and Stone,” then the Mountain Abode might be the ideal home design for you. Similar to the Hoarder’s Vault, you must find a giant rock that is buried inside the Mountain biome. Next, you will need to perform some labor-intense excavation to hollow out the colossal boulder to create your living quarters.

The Mountain Abode in Valheim Interior
Screenshot by Gamepur

Remember to wear warm clothes or have some Frost Resistance Mead handy to avoid freezing to death. Depending on the random generation of the bedrock’s layer, you might have more or less room for your home, depending on how much you are able to mine.

Personal Pier in Valheim

The Personal Pier in Valheim Exterior
Screenshot by Gamepur

Boat traversal is essential for world exploration in Valheim, making the Personal Pier a house with high utility. Being able to perform all your routine activities near the water before embarking on a voyage can be a big time saver.

The Personal Pier in Valheim Interior
Screenshot by Gamepur

The only disadvantage of this house design is that the tide will sometimes rise too high, disturbing the Personal Pier’s interior. You can avoid this annoyance by making sure the floor is high enough to keep the water at bay, a literal sense.

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Plains’ Spire in Valheim

If the cloudy highlands of Mistlands’ Rise do not appeal to you, consider building on top of one of the colossal rocks in the Plains to create the Plains’ Spire. Unless you manage to aggro a Deathsquito to the top of the standing stone, the Plains’ Spire offers a gorgeous view safe from enemies.

We recommend creating a getaway-like resort by adding furnishings to maximize your character’s comfort level in this house. Nevertheless, one challenge you will encounter is making sure that your stairs are not disturbed by the Plains’ hostile denizens. To prevent an instant death from falling, we advise you to craft and wear the Feather Cape.

Woodland Storehouse in Valheim

The Woodland Storehouse in Valheim Exterior
Screenshot by Gamepur

Our final best house design idea for Valheim adventurers is the Woodland Storehouse, a haven for all your repository needs. While a storehouse is technically not a “house,” our Woodland Storehouse ensures you have room for a bed to sleep in with a storage organization system to keep your nerves calm.

Woodland Storehouse Storage Unit Recipe Valheim Interior
Screenshot by Gamepur

To create a storage unit in the Woodland Storehouse, build two stories of wooden walls with one side exposing the interior. Next, insert four shelves with enough space between them to comfortably fit two normal chests, two Reinforced Chests, or a single Black Metal Chest. The chest you use is determined by your gameplay progression, but the assembly procedure remains constant.

The Woodland Storehouse in Valheim Interior
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you build one storage unit on one side, constructing adjacent shelves is effortless, thanks to the indivisible grid-lock mechanic for building in Valheim. Once you have assembled enough storage compartments, place down your bed and any other facilities in your new home.

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