Best weapons in Terraria ranked

Best weapons in Terraria ranked


Melee weapons in Terraria Ranked

zenith sword
Image Source – Terraria wiki

  • Zenith
  • terrarian
  • Dark Lance
  • North Pole
  • Thorn Chakram
  • Possessed Hatchet
  • Sunfury
  • Flairon
  • Night’s Edge
  • Meowmere
  • Cascade
  • Zenith is one of the best swords in Terraria, considered to be a godly weapon overall by the community at large. It is given to players once they defeat the Moon Lord or it can also be crafted after completing hard mode by a variety of consumable swords. What makes Zenith so good is its ability to penetrate through solid blocks, essentially ignoring them. Further, each hit is divided into 3 attacks dealing more damage per hit. Talking about modifiers, Legendary is considered the most optimal one for Zenith. Here are some of its godly stats in their full glory:

    • Damage: 190
    • Critical Chance: 14%
    • Knockback: 6.5
    • Use time: 30
    • Velocity: 32
    • Sell: 20
    • Research Required: 1
    • Rarity: Red

    Terrarian stats and image
    Image Source – Terraria wiki

    When we talk about the best melee weapons, it’s almost a crime to not talk about Terrarian. As the name itself might suggest, it’s literally the highlight of playing Terraria. Being a yo-yo, it’s unlocked to be crafted by all players after beating the Moon Lord on hard mode. Its ability to throw light green beams of energy at fast speed is the core highlight of the weapon. These beams deal more damage to enemies that are in close range. While it has a low drop rate of 11.11% in the Moon Lord stage, it’s well worth the struggle as it has a terrifying base damage of 190. This is one of the highest in the entire game. Let’s take a look at its stats:

    • Damage: 190
    • Critical Chance: 14%
    • Knockback: 6.5
    • Use time: 25 (Fast)
    • Weapon Acquisition: Dropped by Moonlord
    • Rarity: Red
    • Sell ​​Price: 10


    Ranged weapons in Terraria Ranked

    SDMG weapon
    Image Source – Terraria wiki

  • Bouncy Pomegranate
  • Shotbow Chlorophyte
  • Celebration MK2
  • Vortex Beater
  • Star Cannon
  • Phantasm
  • SDMG
  • Molten Fury
  • Eventide
  • Out of the above-mentioned ranged weapons, SDMG (Space Dolphin Machine Gun) definitely ranks at the top due to its extremely high damage capabilities among other things. It also has the highest accuracy and the higher DPS (Damage Per Second) ratios compared to other ranged weapons. You can use SDMG to rip apart tides of enemies in mere seconds. As with any amazing weapon, the drop rate of SDMG is quite low at 11.11% from fighting the Moon Lord in hard mode. Take a look at the stats of this beast:

    • Damage: 85
    • Critical Chance: 14%
    • Knockback: 2.5
    • Use time: 6
    • Weapon Acquisition: MoonLord
    • Rarity: Red
    • Sell ​​Price: 15

    Phantasm ranged weapon
    Image Source – Terraria wiki

    Another great ranged weapon from the above-mentioned list that needs to be elaborated upon is the Phantasm. Being a ranged bow, the Phantasm offers the wielder an extremely high accuracy rate and the ability to multi-hit with its basic attacks. The basic attacks split into 4, dealing more damage to targets hit and increasing the range of potential targets that can be hit. It’s best used against a single enemy at mid-long range and also offers a decent DPS rate. Take a look at its stats:

    • Damage: 50
    • Critical Chance: 4%
    • Knockback: 2
    • Use time: 12
    • Weapon Acquisition: Craftable
    • Rarity: Red
    • Sell ​​price: 10


    Magic weapons in Terraria Ranked

    Razerblade Typhoons
    Image Source – Terraria wiki

  • Bee Gun
  • crystal snake
  • golden shower
  • Nebula Blaze
  • LifeDrain
  • Nimbus Rod
  • Magnet Sphere
  • Razor Blade Typhoon
  • Shadow Beam Staff
  • Waterbolt
  • Last Prism
  • Out of the above-mentioned magic weapons, Razerblade Typhoons is often recommended as the best weapon to use in hard mode by the community. This is due to the fact that it launches huge disc-like projectiles at enemies when being used. The damage and the fire rate are nothing to be laughed at either. Lasting for 2 seconds each, the discs deal more damage when colliding with each other. It will take a little practice to master this work of art but it’s well worth the struggle. Here are its stats:

    • Damage: 90
    • Critical Luck:
    • Mana consumption per use: 16
    • Knockback: 5
    • Weapon Acquisition: Duke Fishron
    • Use time: 40 (Slow)
    • Rarity: Yellow
    • Sell ​​price: 5

    Nebula Blaze magic weapon
    Image Source – Terraria wiki

    The Nebula Blaze is not just a cool-sounding name for a weapon, as it is quite deadly as well. Like any top-tier hard mode weapons in Terraria, it also makes use of projectiles when being used against targets. Shooting 2 distinct projectiles, the Nebula Blaze is notorious for its high-impact damage but less accuracy. Here are its overall stats:

    • Damage: 130
    • Critical Chance: 4%
    • Mana Consumption: 12
    • Knockback: Zero
    • Use time: 12
    • Rarity: Red
    • Sell ​​price: 10


    Summoner weapons in Terraria Ranked

    Terraprisma - summon weapon
    Image Source – Terraria wiki

  • Queen Spider Staff
  • Terraprisma
  • Staff of the Forest Hydra
  • Gelatinous Pillion
  • Deadly Sphere Staff
  • Snapthorn
  • Spinal Tap
  • morning star
  • Dark Harvest
  • Kaleidoscope
  • fire cracker
  • Stardust Dragon Staff
  • Durendal
  • The Terraprisma is infamous for being wrongly classified as a melee weapon due to its ability to morph into a sword-like weapon when summoned. It can create a duplicate of itself and deal damage to the targeted enemy. Terraprisma is also one of the easiest hard-mode weapons to acquire as it requires beating the Empress of Light. The drop rate is 100% but the challenge comes with a condition. The condition states that the Empress of Light should be beaten only during the in-game daytime. Here are the weapon’s stats:

    • Damage: 90
    • Mana Consumption: 10
    • Knockback: 4
    • Use time: 34
    • Weapon Acquisition: Empress of Light
    • Rarity: Pink
    • Sell ​​price: 20

    Deadly Sphere Staff in Terraria
    Image Source – Terraria wiki

    Lastly, the list would be incomplete without including the Deadly Sphere Staff which is used for summoning a deadly sphere that engulfs all the enemies in range and deals damage over time. This sphere is going to remain on the battlefield for as long as the player himself/herself is alive. Sadly, the drop rate of this weapon is quite low at 2-4% from defeating the Deadly Sphere during a Solar Escape. Here are the weapon stats:

    • Damage: 50
    • Mana Consumption: 10
    • Knockback: 2
    • Use time: 36 (Slow)
    • Weapon Acquisition: Deadly Sphere
    • Rarity: Yellow
    • Sell ​​price: 10

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