Bethesda drops new story trailer for Redfall, showcasing the game’s biggest, baddest vampires

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Bethesda and Arkane Austin have been ramping up the hype for the co-op, vampire-slaying shooter Redfall in recent weeks, showcasing extended looks at gameplay and the game’s world, and have no intention of slowing down with today’s release of a new story- focused trailer. The trailer gives players some insight into the overarching story they will uncover while exploring Redfall, starting with the evil corporation Aevum, whose obsession with immortality and experimentation leads to the vampire plight ravaging the town. As players fight back the vampire hordes, they’ll discover the secrets and motivations behind Aevum’s actions and hopefully save the town in the process.

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Alongside narrative details, it also gave us a look at some of the biggest and baddest vampires in Redfall that will likely test players and their ability to work together to defeat them. The trailer also showcases some more gameplay featuring skill shots and character abilities, and cooperative moves with multiple characters using abilities and weapons as a team, highlighting how players can combine skills and work together.

For those who may be out of the loop, Redfall is an upcoming co-op shooter that sees players fighting back against a vampire invasion that has taken over the town of Redfall, by using a variety of weapons and special abilities across various characters. The game will also feature loot, skill trees, and dungeon-like areas for players to explore and overcome. So far, it looks to be a much-needed, quality entry to the Xbox Library when it releases on May 2 this year for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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This will be a change from the usual experience we have seen from Akrane, whose previous titles, such as Dishonoured and Prey, have been solo experiences focused on engaging stories, worldbuilding, and environmental storytelling. With Redfall, they look to keep that same narrative focus and translate it into a multiplayer setting, and players will have to wait and see how well they pull it off.

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