BitLife: All Lucrative Lexicon Challenge Tasks & Rewards

BitLife: All Lucrative Lexicon Challenge Tasks & Rewards

The Lucrative Lexicon Challenge has come to BitLife. This challenge focuses on reading and completing books in BitLife, which means you want your character to become a famous author. This type of dedication can take a good amount of time, and you don’t have long to complete this challenge.

The Lucrative Lexicon will only appear for a brief time before being locked away into BitLife’s vault. If you have the SuperStar mode, this challenge can be completed later. Here’s what you need to know about every Lucrative Lexicon Challenge task and the rewards you’ll receive in BitLife.

How to complete Lucrative Lexicon Challenge in BitLife

The Lucrative Lexicon Challenge is available to all players in the mobile game. You will need to complete this on a single life, using one character on your profile.

You’ll need to complete these tasks in BitLife’s Lucrative Lexicon Challenge.

  • Read the Dictionary
  • Become a famous author
  • Write 2+ best-selling books
  • Write Adult Fiction
  • Write a viral Facebook Blog Post

How to read the Dictionary in BitLife

The Dictionary is a specific book you can read while on your character. This type of book has the chance to be available for you to select to read underneath the Activities section, under the Mind & Body category in BitLife. The Dictionary won’t always appear, so you’ll need to wait for it to appear in the book choices for your character to read.

How to Become a Famous Author in BitLife

One of the more difficult tasks in this challenge is for your character to become a famous author in BitLife. This task requires the most time commitment, where your character will need to make it through high school and college with the highest grades. While in college, make sure they’re studying for an English degree.

After they receive their English degree, the next step is to apply to wait for the Writer position to appear in the Occupation menu, where the (Publisher) tree is next to it. So long as you have an English degree, your character should receive the job.

Now, you’ll need to work hard in this role, writing books regularly and continually working on keeping their Smarts stat up by reading books or practicing puzzle games throughout their life in BitLife. Eventually, after several years in this role and a handful of successful books, your character will become a famous author.

How to write 2+ Best Selling Books in BitLife

This task should be relatively easy to complete after your character becomes a famous author. Essentially, this task takes a reasonable amount of time to complete and will require your character to write books consistently. However, if they’re regularly writing books throughout their life in BitLife, several of them should become best selling ones, which will complete this task.

How to Write an Adult Fiction Book

This type of book is a specific genre. When your character is an author, select this genre option before crafting a book, and this task will be complete.

How to write a viral Facebook Blog post

This task requires that your character join social media, and they need to sign up for Facebook. When posting, they will need to make a blog post from their Facebook account, and it needs to go viral, which boils down to random chance. Thankfully, if your character becomes a famous author, their social posts should be much easier to become viral hits.

Getting a social media post to go viral all comes down to luck, so that means writing these as often as you can every year for your character. We recommend writing at least five a year. Five is a solid number that shouldn’t be too exhausting when your character loses followers on their social media account.

After you’ve completed all of these tasks, the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge will be over, and you can receive your random BitLife appearance for your profile from one of four random chests.

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