BitLife: How to Write a Best-Selling Book

BitLife: How to Write a Best-Selling Book

There are several professional avenues you can choose to go down in BitLife. One of the more difficult career tracks is to become a famous author, where your character can begin writing books and selling them to readers.

The real trick is getting your character to create a best-selling book, which requires patience, and ensuring you know what your audience wants you to write. You need to do a good amount of setup to reach this point, too. Here’s what you need to know about writing a best-selling book in BitLife.

What does it take to make a best-selling book in BitLife?

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You need to reach a few requirements before writing a best-selling book in BitLife. The first task is for your character to become a writer. To do this, make sure they get good grades in high school and college, and while in college, they aspire to earn an English degree.

Once they’ve left college, the next step is to find a writing job in the Occupation tab. You’ll know you’ve found the correct one when you see the (Publisher) name next to it for the career path. Unfortunately, these jobs do not always appear, so you may need to shut down your BitLife application, reset it, and check again. Any time you reset the application, the Occupation page refreshes, and you don’t waste a year.

After this job, the next step is to have your character consistently write books in this career path. You can do this relatively easily, and the more your character does this, the more experience they receive completing them, amassing a larger audience, and getting better at their craft.

Eventually, one of these books will become a best-selling book, and your character will slowly begin to acquire fame and a small fortune in this position while playing BitLife.

Not every book your character writes will become a best-selling book. There are several that will only do well and others that will become massive hits with your audience.

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