Black Desert Mobile reveals first look at new fire and water wielding Igneous Class

Black Desert Mobile reveals first look at new fire and water wielding Igneous Class

Recently, Pearl Abyss introduced Zayed, a new Hashashin Awakening Class to its adventure RPG, Black Desert Mobile. While he used the hot sand to decimate his foes, the new Igneous Class will feature a hero that makes use of the Fire and Water elements.

Igneous, Black Desert Mobile’s latest class, strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies using water and fire. He received these powers from Marg, the Fire Guardian and Arne, the Water Guardian. Considered as the balance between rage and reason, Igneous utilizes his strengths to trap his foes with water and then obliterates them via his raging flames.

As an Awakened Wizard, Igneous uses his elemental powers to wreak havoc upon enemies through AoE moves. He may not excel in 1v1 situations, but when you’re facing waves of foes simultaneously, Igneous is your best bet.


Let’s also take a look at the main skills that aid him in battle. Aqua Jail Explosion forms a barrier of freezing water and traps all enemies. Those within the circle will additionally face Daze and Knockdown effects.

Calamity makes use of Igneous’ rage to explode an area into burning flames. The embers that remain will continue to do damage over time. On the other hand, Bolide of Destruction sees the hero summon a massive fireball (think Goku’s spirit bomb), which deals immense damage to enemies followed by a Knock-up on hit.

Igneous’ passive is called Sage’s Rage. Since he controls both fire and water, Igneous also has elemental resistance. On top of that, being wounded by both the Guardians, his power in both elements has also been significantly boosted.

You can read more about Igneous’ origin story from the official website. Download Black Desert Mobile now for free by clicking on either link below.

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