Black Desert Mobile’s Everfrost update with new region and character class is now available

Black Desert Mobile's Everfrost update with new region and character class is now available

A couple of weeks ago, Pearl Abyss announced an awesome content update for the popular adventure RPG, Black Desert Mobile, which is bringing not only another character class but also a brand new explorable region. Players will be able to travel to the snowy Everfrost region as the Guardian, who protects this entire land.

Black Desert Mobile’s Everfrost region is situated beyond Drieghan, and as its name suggests, is perpetually covered in snow and icy enemies. It is a massive region with numerous storyline quests, which combat power similar to Mediah. Besides these quests, players will take on powerful boss monsters, which open doors to new grades of accessories.


Everfrost introduces to players five new stories, that sequentially unlock. Thankfully, they don’t require any specific combat power so it’ll be simpler and faster to complete them. These missions require players to be out in the cold and that’s no easy task. For that, Lemon Tea must be confused every 20 minutes and it can be obtained after completing quests.

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Players who enjoy action can challenge Erebjork, a fearsome boss monster who can only be unlocked after obtaining a Dreadwinter Heart through loads of grinding. A total of 30 players will enter into battle at once, with an entire treasure trove of rewards waiting on the other side. Another thing to look out for is the Eilton Defence, an hourlong battle where village artifacts must be protected.


It’s only fair that players explore the Everfrost region with one of its native inhabitants. That’s where the Guardian comes in. She is a new Ascension class character who wields a Battle Ax and Battle Shield that helps her overpower enemies with sheer force. The Guardian has several skills under her belt and a passive one that boosts all toolkit skills.

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