Blizzard Confirms DDoS Attack Causing Connection Errors For Diablo 4, WoW, & Overwatch 2

Blizzard Confirms DDoS Attack Causing Connection Errors For Diablo 4, WoW, & Overwatch 2

Update (June 25, 4:30 PM PDT): Blizzard support has advised that the DDoS attack has ended and that players should now be able to log in.

Original: For the past few hours, multiple games that operate on Battle.Net have been encountering severe connection issues, preventing players from getting into their favorite games. The most notably affected titles have been Diablo 4, World of Warcraft, Overwatch 2, and Call of Duty, hampering players from jumping into these services over the weekend.

Now, Blizzard’s support team has come forward and confirmed the culprit behind the latency and connection issues for these games is a DDoS attack. Given Blizzard’s history with these matters, it’s possible players may continue to feel the effects of it throughout the rest of the weekend, unfortunately.

Diablo 4 “Unable to Find Valid License” Error Impacts Players

The confirmation comes from Blizzard’s Customer Service for the Americas Twitter account, an account that has done well to keep players in the loop about the situation and their progress with dealing with it. For anyone who regularly plays games that require a account, it’s highly recommended to follow this account to receive live updates and any notifications about future problems.

The common error hitting players throughout the DDoS attack is the “Unable to Find Valid License,” and Diablo 4 players are taking the brunt of the impact. It’s likely because many of these players are trying to get into the game to continue their grind as they race toward the arrival of the first season.

Unfortunately, because this is a DDoS attack, it’s unlikely players will find a solution until the Blizzard Customer Service team can handle the situation. There’s no fix for this type of thing outside of the DDoS being subverted. However, we would refer to our “Unable to Find Valid License” guide for players to double-check, to see if any offered solutions provide help or by updating the service.

Hopefully, the team can resolve this issue in a timely fashion. Right now, the Blizzard support team has been made aware of this issue, and they’re working as quickly as possible to smooth out the process so players can return to the game. This type of DDoS attack happened close to the launch of Overwatch 2, when it originally launched at the beginning of October 2022.

We’ll monitor the situation as the DDoS continues to play out, but we’re not expecting a solution until later tonight or potentially tomorrow.

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