Blox Fruits tier list – Best fruits by type

Blox Fruits tier list - Best fruits by type

We have sorted and ranked all of the fruits currently available in Blox Fruits from the best ones to the worst.

Updated on April 262023 – checked for new fruits. Original article by Mihail Katsoris, updated by Artur Novichenko

With over 5 billion visits and millions of thousands of active players online every day, Blox Fruits is arguably one of the most popular adventure experiences on the Roblox gaming platform.

The goal in this game is simple. Become the best fighter ever! There are various fighting techniques to choose from and many tough opponents to take down. All that is in a vast world that you have to explore in order to uncover its secrets. If you are a fan of PvE and working in a team environment, you’ll enjoy the many raids and boss fights. If you are super competitive, and you enjoy going after other players, there’s always PvP going on.

Of course, in order to be the best, you need to know what you are working with. There are various fruits to choose from, so naturally, the question is: Which are the best that you should try to get, and which are the ones that you should avoid? Here you’ll find all the answers as we present to you the best Blox Fruit tier list!

About the Fruits

There are four ways to deal damage in this game. It can be done either with a fighting style, a sword, a gun, or a Fruit. There are 33 fruits in total as of today in game, and they are divided into 3 main categories. These categories are:

Fruit users in this category become immune to damage from other styles. Only with ‘Enhancement’ activated can guns, sword and fighting style damage Elemental users. There are 8 fruits in this category currently in the game.

Currently, 21 fruits fall under the Natural category. What makes these fruits unique compared to others is that they allow their users to control natural forces. Since this is the largest category, there are various fruits available and a lot to talk about.

There are only 5 Beast-type fruits currently in the game. Fruits of this type provide their users the ability to shape-shift into a beast/animal-like creature. On September 10, 2022, Leopard, the latest beat fruit was added to the game. It is considered the most expensive and the strongest Beast-type fruit in Roblox Blox fruits.

In the following pages, you will find every fruit ranked in tiers based on its overall performance with S+ tier being the highest. We’ve taken PvP, as well as PvE content into consideration. With all that out of the way, let’s get right into it!

Feel free to use the quick links below to check out the fruits in the tier you’re interested in!

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