Blue Archive has just released the New Year’s Aperitif: One-and-Done Match event story

Blue Archive has just released the New Year's Aperitif: One-and-Done Match event story

Nexon has gotten into the habit of celebrating festivals in their popular JRPG, Blue Archive, must before their actual dates. A couple of weeks ago, the game celebrated an early Christmas, and now it’s time to bring in the new year. Beginning today, players can participate in the New Year’s Aperitif: One-and-Done Match.

Blue Archive’s New Year’s event revolves around the shenanigans of the Gourmet Research Society, which is taking on some really difficult tasks. Mastering culinary skills and cooking up delectable dishes was never going to be an easy job, and these students can clearly feel the heat. Currently, a major fight with the Nayo Foods distribution company is brewing and Sparrow can be saved only by winning a cookoff.


As this competition takes place, the game also introduces two more students giving special New Year outfits. The first is Haruna, an Explosive Strike from the Gehenna Academy. Her EX Skill is called Gourmand’s Rage and does damage to five enemies in a circular region around her based on her attack.

The second student, Fuuka, was introduced a couple of days ago. She’s also from Gehenna and is a Piercing-type Special character. School Lunch Club’s Osechi is her EX Skill and it lowers the cost of all of EX Skills for a teammate by 50%. Plus, it also gives a nice boost to critical damage.


If you’re wondering how these new characters stack up against the pre-existing students, then check out this Blue Archive tier list of all the characters!

In addition, the update also refreshes Mission 21 with brand-new quests. Players will be tasked with activities such as challenges, leveling up student skills, and spending Credits, for which they will earn Pyroxene. To top it off, everyone will also receive one 10-Recruitment Ticket as Blue Archive’s YouTube channel now has over 100,000 subscribers.

Download Blue Archive now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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